Ragdoll cat sitting near vacuum cleaner

This cat always sits next to the vacuum cleaner, and its owner wants to know why

When it’s time to clean the house, this cat gives its owner some trouble by sitting right by the vacuum cleaner when it’s out. Although the cat hates it and all the scary noises it makes, it still insists on sitting by it while it’s still off. A vacuum cat conundrum This must create a … Read more

ragdoll cat on bed

Amused social media viewers react to a cat unwilling to let its owner make their bed in peace

In a viral TikTok post with over 10 million views, a Ragdoll cat named Albus Dumblepaw (@neontacoat) playfully entertains its owner. In the short clip, the owner attempts to make their bed to no avail. As a cat owner, you are privy to the many delights of cat ownership. Living with cats can have its … Read more

A Highland Lynx/Ragdoll cross cat sits on the grass.

This underweight and depressed rescue cat transformed into a fearless adventuring feline

Ragnar is a stunning-looking cat whose striking appearance is the result of breeding between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. The beautiful cat lives a charmed life thanks to its owner. Despite appearances, Ragnar didn’t always look like the healthy cat that he currently is, the events of his past existence have affected the cat … Read more

A white Persian and ragdoll cats stand by a cardboard obstacle wall

TikTok cats Mia and Jerrie show off their skills on homemade obstacle courses

Meet TikTok’s Ambassadors of Fluff, Mia and Jerrie! These two fluffy kitties have taken the platform by storm, with 4.8 million followers. In some of their most popular videos, they tackle the challenging obstacle courses that their owner makes for them. The cats’ owner, Julia, first adopted Mia in October 2020. She started posting cat … Read more

White cat sitting on robot vacuum cleaner.

A cat takes a bumpy ride on a robot vacuum cleaner

Cats and domestic appliances can create comical situations. For example, a Bengal cat once attacked a robot vacuum cleaner, here a kitten had the opposite reaction to an automated cleaner. Decklyn, a ragdoll cat from Florida, likes treating his owner’s Roomba vacuum cleaner as a personal vehicle. The video of the cat seated on top … Read more

Two images of a Ragdoll looking at and away from the camera

This cat’s reaction to being left alone will break your heart

The lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic came with many inconveniences, to say the least. But one of the silver linings was that people had the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones and pets. Some of these pets might have grown too accustomed to this permanent proximity. A video posted online shows … Read more

Cat wearing crown and covered in money

Kitty McMillions: Three cats who inherited huge fortunes

We all feel a particular devotion to our beloved kitty overlords but some cat owners take their adoration to another level. Here we look at three cats who because of their generous owners inherited small fortunes! We’ve discussed the devious plans that cats have for world domination before and here we discover how some kitties … Read more