Gray mother cat and two kittens

Cat needed to switch foster homes when she had two surprise kittens

Nora was a stray cat who was taken to animal services and placed in a foster home. But she wasn’t alone. She surprised everyone when she gave birth to two kittens. Not every foster home can take care of mama cats and newborn kittens, so they were sent to their new foster home, known as … Read more

Ginger momma cat and four ginger kittens.

These “Golden Girls” momma cat and four kittens were very rare

Lori White, a foster kitten mom for ARPO, had a big surprise coming: a beautiful ginger momma cat and her litter of four ginger kittens were on their way to her foster home. Discovery in the basement These cats were found in the basement of a vacant home by someone who had come to clean … Read more

Tortoiseshell cat with six kittens

This pregnant kitty was so young, but she became an amazing mama to six kittens

When this kitty arrived at her new foster home, she was very pregnant. Her human foster mom was ready to help this kitty mom give birth to her kittens in a safe place. Young mom The foster mom, Lynn, knew that this cat was special. She was already going to be a mom, but she … Read more