Manipulative housecat uses her charms to obtain free snacks from strangers

Never underestimate a greedy cat and its ability to get what it wants. Patch from Hull, England, is a shrewd feline who uses her flair to obtain extra food from strangers despite being adequately fed at home.

This moggy acts as a lost and starving animal to scavenge food from anyone offering it to her.  As a result of this well-oiled routine, Patch’s owner has to plead with neighbors to stop feeding the “greedy” cat since Patch is rarely seen at home anymore.

Patch is a calico housecat who likes to get into mischief. Ruth O’Grady is her owner, and the two of them have been companions for the past five years, calling Hull their home.

Ruth is an attentive and devoted parent to Patch. Therefore, the feline has access to whatever she needs: food, the coziness of a home, and many cuddles.

Yet Patch must have high standards because the moggy is not so easily satisfied. In fact, she plotted a scheme to obtain even more.

The calico puss walks around the neighborhood looking dejected throughout the day. Hollywood’s biggest actors certainly have nothing on Patch’s acting skills because the area’s residents and animal activists have all fallen for this feline’s trap.

Everyone either feeds the feline or gives her shelter temporarily until she chooses to leave. Consequently, an overeating Patch has gained an alarming amount of weight.

Furthermore, she now only visits his family two or three times every week.

Interdiction to feed the greedy cat!

Ruth O’Grady has to intervene regularly ( five or six times this year alone ) on a local Facebook page to remind her neighbors about the cat’s play. Her post was relayed by the Hull Dailymail, saying :

” Can we all please stop feeding Patch? She’s not homeless; she’s just greedy and manipulative. I’ve seen her knocking around the shops putting on her best ‘I’m badly done to’ face, but please, do not fall for it.”

Moreover, she emphasized that Patch has been spayed and tends to gain weight rapidly, which harms her overall health. Besides, Ruth wishes to see the puss more than once or twice a week when Patch strolls in because her benefactors are busy.

Ruth then gives the appropriate course of action when spotting Patch:

” So please, if she tries to tap you up for food or nosey in your house, tell her to get lost.”

To identify the cunning feline, neighbors need only to check her ID microchip placed on her shoulder.

After Ruth’s post, people on the internet had a field day about the greedy cat. Many even admitted that their cats are much like Patch.

Ruth O’Grady reassured members of the community that, despite appearances to the contrary, she had a strong connection to Patch.

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