Urban explorer discovers a litter of abandoned kittens in a deserted garment factory

During her exploration of a defunct factory, a British woman made a significant find. She uncovered a box containing a brand-new litter of kittens.

This urban explorer came upon five stray kittens and brought them to safety into her home. Additionally, the blogger shared her discovery in a video to find a family for those kitties, with the newspaper Daily Star publishing the story.

The young woman, who goes by the handle @Urbex Muse on Instagram, frequently participates in the activity of urban exploration, or “urbex,” for the initiated.

Urbexing refers to the process of investigating abandoned sites without disclosing their precise locations to stop any more devastation from occurring.

Urbex Muse had recently discovered a once-bustling business that made clothing for children. This factory had been abandoned for some time.

When she entered the factory, she saw that everything was exactly where it had been when she had left it. Baby clothing still hung from the rails, and crates were stuffed with stained leftovers of fabric and ribbon.

Everything in the old factory looked almost as if the passing of time had been suddenly halted. But there was something else that grabbed the explorer’s attention.

She found a surprise of a different kind at this empty workshop, one that left her unable to utter a single word. The Muse spotted a sealed container not far away.

An unexpected encounter

After hearing some whimpers coming from the box, she went up and opened it. Inside, there were five newborn red-haired kittens.

To the rescuer’s great relief, none of the kitties seemed hurt during the ordeal, although they would not have been able to survive even a few more days in this state.  

Someone certainly brought the kittens here, as shown by the fact that the package was still wrapped around them.

The urbexer uploaded a video of the kitties on her Instagram

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly pointed out that these babies looked clean and well-fed, so their mother wouldn’t be too far. They suggested the urbexer and her companions tried to locate the cat mom in the vicinity.

@danathomasmarie said:

“If you can maybe try to look for her, that would be amazing; you won’t have to do all the work of nursing them. Such a beautiful find.”

Many commenters then asked for updates on the felines’ situation.

On September 30th, @Urbex_Muse confirmed that the kittens had been relocated thanks to a non-profit organization. They have received adequate medical attention and are living in foster care.

Once they are old enough, the gingers will be up for adoption par pairs. As for the mom, the urbexer stated that she was very feral and hard to catch, but they wanted to rescue her if possible!

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