Harvey the chunky cat becomes best friends with his annoying puppy brother

Harvey was a rescue cat who needed to get back in shape. When he first met his new puppy brother, Blu, he wasn’t amused, but then Blu became one of his best friends and started helping him exercise.

Hurricane cat

Harvey was named after the hurricane that swept through Texas in 2017. He was left behind by the people evacuating their homes and rescued by Lacy, who was out with a group in a boat helping rescue people and animals.

Lacy initially didn’t plan on adopting Harvey, but one day when she came home to find her husband cradling him in his arms like a baby, she decided he would have to stay.

At 30 pounds, Harvey was a chunky cat. Lacy knew that she would have to help him lose some weight.

Chunky charm

Being a chunky cat certainly had its charms, since he had such a big, pettable belly! Many of Harvey’s followers on social media requested that Lacy kiss or bury her face in Harvey’s adorable tummy. She posted a video of her doing it, and although Harvey looked annoyed, she said:

“You wouldn’t believe it by the super annoyed look on his face, but he really does love being loved on.”

Despite all the cuteness, Harvey would still need to continue to lose weight in order to have more mobility and have all the opportunities to run and play that he deserved as a cat.

Dog brother Blu

When Harvey was first adopted, it took some time for him to fit in with his 11 dog brothers. But once they had warmed up to each other, everything was peaceful.

Then the entire energy of their house changed when Lacy adopted Blu, a young and energetic puppy who just wanted to play. He was especially fascinated by Harvey and would try to play with him.

Sometimes Harvey played along, but other times he wasn’t having it. Lacy had to intervene a few times to separate them when Blu got a little too wild.

Then one day, Harvey set his boundaries. He managed to trap Blue in a headlock; a pro wrestler couldn’t have done it any better. After that, Blu learned that he needed to give his cat brother some space.

Best friends

Once Harvey had set his boundaries, he became more comfortable with initiating play with Blu. When he was in a particularly playful mood, he would lie on his back next to Blu and paw at his face until he decided to join the game. Lacy said:

“He does not get in that playful mood with anyone but Blu.”

Playing with energetic Blu definitely helped Harvey get in the exercise he needed to lose weight. Lacy said that he has gotten in quite a few sit-ups just trying to keep up with the puppy. Overall, since Harvey was adopted, he has lost about 6 pounds.

We believe that he can continue to make progress and live a very happy life. He has all his fans and family rooting for him, and his personal trainer, Blu, to keep him feeling motivated and loved.

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