Meet Betty the angry-looking cat who dares you not to love her

Betty is a European short hair, grey and white tabby cat.

She, along with her sister Mia was adopted at around 10 weeks old by their owner from a litter of barn kittens.

And although Mia and Betty were both the same size when they initially got adopted, her owner soon discovered that Betty is what is called a “forever kitten”.

Forever kittens are cats that have dwarfism, which can be caused by a number of genetic conditions, but that ultimately stunts a kitten’s growth and can cause various health issues as they age.

This condition can vary depending on the individual cat.

Betty has a deformed spine, a small skull, and a few “mental quirks”, but that doesn’t stop her owner from knowing that Betty is the perfect little creature.

Small tabby cat laying on a carpet
Little Betty has a snooze on the floor. Pic credit: @Betty, the Angry Kitty Elf/Facebook.

A cat with an attitude

Betty’s owner assures anyone concerned that her cat is not in pain, and that her grumpy appearance is all due to her markings.

You have to admit, her darling little face could have you convinced she was really very annoyed!

Tabby cat sitting behind a scratching board
Betty looks particularly peeved sitting behind a cat scratching board. Pic credit: @RPBN/Reddit.
Tabby cat sitting on a scratching board
Another shot of Betty and her adorable angry face. Pic credit: @RPBN/Reddit.

According to her owners, Betty often gets “upsetty”.

They have fun posting pictures and videos of her on social media, and even made a dedicated Facebook page for her titled Betty, the Angry Kitty Elf for all those wishing to keep up to date on her shenanigans.

Everyone loves a grumpy cat

Betty has gained quite a following online, with thousands of followers dedicating themselves to her.

One Reddit user pleads “Please, please tell Betty that I love her.”

Her grumpiness has even spawned its own subreddit called r/restingbettyface, and a number of memes put words to her annoyance.

Tabby cat sitting on a bed with the words "Oh look a human; How disappointing" written above and below in meme format
Betty does not appreciate these humans you speak of. Pic credit: @RPBN/Reddit.

Even though she has a hard demeanor, Betty has a soft center.

Although she’d probably be very displeased if we found that out!

Two tabby cats cuddling.
Betty snuggled with her sister Mia, holding paws. Pic credit: @Betty, the Angry Kitty Elf/Facebook.

If looks could kill, no one would be safe from Betty’s stare, it’s a good thing we get to admire her little angry face instead.

A tabby cat is being held with her legs in the air.
Betty does not look pleased to be held in such a position. Pic credit: @RPBN/Reddit.
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