Meet That Little Puff, the adorable chef cat

Move over Ratatouille! There’s a new chef in town. With nearly 29 million subscribers on TikTok, 10 million on YouTube, and 2 million on Instagram That Little Puff is the new cooking star of social networks, His particularity? It’s a cat.

Originally from New York, where he lives with his owners and six other feline companions, this ragdoll has become a global phenomenon in a few months. Each of his cooking clips accumulates millions of views.

The cat frequently appears in videos where he pretends to be a chef. In them, the puss prepares mouthwatering meals using various kitchen appliances and utensils.

That Little Puff’s dream team

Three-year-old Puff doesn’t do the job on his own. Like every chef, he is assisted by his designated sous-chef, namely Lynch Zhang, his owner. Metro reports that Lynch, a 29-year-old architect from Brooklyn, New York, also works as an entrepreneur and he’s responsible for managing his tomcat’s career.

Little Puff loves the camera so getting him to film most of the time, is not a hassle. However, Lynch’s job is not a walk in the park, it’s a complete creative process.

The cat manager starts by making a list of potential video themes with the help of his brother. Concepts and recipes are thrown in, after the brainstorming session, it’s time for costumes and props.

Then, Lynch and his brother have to get Little Puff dressed. This step requires some savoir-faire as chef Puff always appears in impeccable outfits. Likewise, his toque stands as straight as a Queen’s Guard.

Next, the filming begins.”First, we have to catch Puff in a content-creating mood.”, Lynch explained.

‘He doesn’t need to do much, just let us guide his paw a bit while the food’s cooking, and for the more dangerous parts, we have some great props to keep Puff away from any harm.’

A global influencer

The furry chef’s favorite recipe? Puff’s family says he enjoys creating vibrant drink combinations the most. If the substances are cat-friendly, Puff will always take a sip.

According to I heart Cats,  the furry chef isn’t all work and no play, Puff enjoys relaxing naps when he’s not whipping up tasty dishes for his family.

With over 25 million followers, Puff has established himself as a social media sensation. The reason behind this success is that the puss makes completely offbeat appearances: Puff crafting noodles, Puff baking the renowned Squid Game cookies from the popular Netflix series, or Puff creating terrifying Halloween cakes.

The feline’s biggest hits are hacks videos in which he reproduces improbable food hacks seen on TikTok … Internet users can’t get enough of this adorable ragdoll. Gushing comments follow every video.

On YouTube, commenter @Miraya suri said:

“I love him sooo much. He is adorable😍”

Also on Youtube, commenter @Saumya_Gupta chimed in:

“Puff should open a catorant. I will surely come with my cats.”

Nevertheless, some users have expressed concerns regarding the cat’s activities. Many inferred that Lynch is exploiting his cat.

However, Lynch reassured the fans, saying:

“We do see some people who think that Puff doesn’t enjoy making these videos, but I can assure them that we make sure he’s as happy as possible during filming!”

To discover That Little Puff’s cooking videos, go to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

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