Two pictures of brown Persian cat, one with wide eyes, the other squinting

Noodle the friendly cat has a less friendly alter ego: Needle

Noodle is a friendly, loveable cat, but he has a dark secret: his alter ego, Needle. Noodle will stare at you with adorable googly eyes, but when he’s upset, he will transform into Needle and judge you with a squinty gaze. Noodle and Needle have two separate Instagram accounts: @friendly.noodles and @unfriendly.needles. Their followers have … Read more

Orange cat plays with Tupperware container

Cat who loves Tupperware gets his own personal collection of containers

Oliver is a cat who loves Tupperware containers. One eventful evening, he stole one off its shelf and paraded around the house with it. Now he has dozens of containers of his own, and he loves to play with them. Robin, his owner, told The Dodo that she was surprised when she first noticed him … Read more

A black and white cat sits on the ground looking at the camera.

A couple holds a funeral for their cat only for the kitty to reappear the next day!

Danielle and Sam Smith from Birmingham, England, buried their beloved cat Lucky’s body after he was struck by a car. So imagine their shock when the feline showed up the following day! Lucky, an 11-month-old cat, was very naughty according to his owners. The feline often tried to get into people’s houses, prompting his owners … Read more

A ginger tabby cat sits on the hood of a car.

This lost cat returned home by carpooling!

7-year-old cat Caramel gave his owners a good fright. While the family was traveling back near Annecy, France, the cheeky feline fled. He eventually returned to his home in Villeneuve d’Ascq by carpooling. It all begins when cat owner Marie-Noëlle arrives at her sister’s home in Annecy. Marie-Noëlle, who lives in Villeneuve in the North, … Read more

A black cat with bright yellow eyes

Adopted cat becomes an Internet star

Lizzy, nicknamed Owlkitty for her wide-eyed, owl-like appearance, is a 5-year-old black cat with a rambunctious personality. Her owners, Tibo and Olivia adopted Owlkitty when she was a kitten from a shelter that was looking after Owlkitty’s mother, Licorice. They were able to watch little Owlkitty and her siblings grow, and when it finally came … Read more