Meet Elie, the extra flirty hallway cat

Have you ever met a particularly flirty cat? One who comes right up to anyone, even strangers, and asks for some love and cuddles? Elie is one of the flirtiest cats, and she wants to make friends with everyone in the hall of her apartment building.

Flirty kitty drama

Elie is a four-year-old cat with extra toes and a super friendly and outgoing personality. Elie’s owner shares the cat’s videos on TikTok, where she is known as Elie the hallway cat. In her profile description, she invites people, “Follow me if you like kitty drama.”

Elie does a great job of creating her own kitty drama by flirting with the neighbors in the hallway of their apartment complex. Her owner lets her out to run around. Besides just getting her zoomies out, she’s also on the lookout for any new friends she can flirt with.

When Elie finds someone that she wants to pet her, she puts on quite a show to get their attention, rubbing up against their legs and rolling over on the floor. Who could resist? If you run into a cat who’s begging for attention, you just have to give it!


Her reaction is priceless 😂❤️ #fyp

♬ Sound – renata

The outgoing sister

Elie also has a kitty sister named Paige. When Elie’s owner first adopted Paige, they didn’t get along very well, but now these sisters love each other, even though they have different personalities.

Sometimes Paige ventures out into the hallway, but she’s more shy than Elie, and she usually stays inside their apartment and leaves the flirting to her more outgoing sister.


Now I have two hallway cats 😂💖. Follow us for more adventures #fyp #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Doing Things

Elie’s type

Out of all the people that Elie flirts with, sometimes she has favorites. According to her owner, her favorite people are usually men with glasses. Who knew cats could have a type?

One of these guys was their neighbor for a while and was Elie’s best friend. She loved to look for him out in the hallway and greet him.

That’s what made it even more sad when he moved out. Elie still spends some of her time in the hallway waiting at his apartment door and looking around for him. She’s such a faithful cat!


When your cat decided to be loyal to one person 😻❤️ #fyp

♬ original sound – it’s me

Flirty queen of the hallway

Elie’s followers love to see her videos and how she flirts with her neighbors. Many of them wish they had their own flirty hallway cat that they could give lots of love and cuddles to.

We may not all have an Elie in our lives, but we can still enjoy the moments that she shares with us on social media. She’s so cute, and she rules that hallway!

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