Six “Jersey Shore” kittens grew up well even when their mama cat was sick

In another article, we introduced Jersey, a mama cat who waited to have her babies until after her foster mom got back home. Now, we think it’s time to meet her “Jersey Shore” kittens.

Their foster mom, Stephanie, calls the kittens the little “Shores,” since they’re named after characters from the TV show Jersey Shore. Their names are Snooki, Sweetheart (aka Sammi), JWoww, Mike the Situation, Vinny, and Pauly. Some pretty unique names for some adorable kittens!

Stephanie wasn’t able to spend much time with the kittens in their first few weeks, because their mama Jersey was sick and needed all the attention she could get. But their mama still took good care of them, and as they grew up, they grew more confident and developed their individual personalities.

The Jersey Shore Kittens

Snooki was the firstborn of the kittens, and she was also the smallest. But she wouldn’t let her size hold her back. She showed early on that she had plenty of spunk and attitude, meowing whenever there was anything on her mind.

Next was Sammi Sweetheart. Apparently her name was a good fit, because she a total sweetheart and an adorable black kitten.

JWoww learned how to do some serious acrobatics, even doing a flip and landing on her feet. Her brother, Vinny, liked to jump on their foster mom’s back whenever she cleaned out the litterboxes, and nimble JWoww joined him a few times. When she wasn’t jumping and climbing everywhere, she loved to chill in her foster mom’s lap.

Mike the Situation was the only gray tabby out of all his siblings, and he was the first out of his siblings to open his eyes.

Vinny was his foster mom Stephanie’s best buddy. In addition to jumping on her back when she cleaned the litterboxes, he also followed her around everywhere. She said:

“He loves me the most and is always on my lap, my back, my shoulders. He greets me as soon as I walk in and chases me out when I leave.”

The last kitten, Pauly, was definitely a mama’s boy. He loved to hang out and cuddle with Jersey.

Looking forward to adoption

After Jersey got better and her kittens were ready to be separated from her, she was sent off to a foster-to-adopt home where she could be happy and live like a cat. 

As for the “Shores,” they’ve been spayed and neutered. After they heal, they’ll be up for adoption and ready to find their forever homes.

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