This cat owner makes daily TikTok videos of her cats, Bean and Lily

This cat owner came up with a brilliant idea: a video diary about her cats! On her TikTok account, she posts daily videos of her cats in the morning. It’s so fun to get a glimpse into her life with her two cats, Lily and Bean, and witness their morning shenanigans.

Daily dose of cats

Every morning around 8 am EST, this cat owner wakes up and is greeted by her two cats, Lily and Bean. They usually start the morning by begging for food.

Bean is particularly vocal about food. He can always be counted on to greet his owner with meows every morning.

On her videos, she writes captions to translate what Bean might be saying, and these captions are hilarious. We wonder how accurate they are. Are they what Bean really means to say? Probably. This owner seems to understand her cats pretty well.

According to their owner, Bean is the “king of screaming.” He has a lot of meow inside him, and sometimes he lets all of it out at once. His owner has recorded videos of some of his longest meows, and they really are impressive. He must be a cat who has a lot to say.

Power girl punches

Lily doesn’t show up in as many videos, because she’s not so persistent about begging for food as Bean is. But when she does show up, she brings plenty of her own personality as well. She’s a bit annoying to her brother Bean, since she likes to hit him with her “power girl punches.”

We can tell that Bean is used to her mischief, because he usually tries to carefully walk around her when she’s nearby. He’s not always successful, and he often gets hit by a power girl punch anyway.

For a few days, Lily stopped punching Bean. Even when he was nearby, she left him alone, as if she was trying to prove that she wasn’t a bully.

But it didn’t last long. Just a few days later, she was back at it again.

What a silly girl! We wonder if Bean was glad for the break, or if he actually missed his sister’s punches.

1,900 days of cats

Just recently, Bean, Lily, and their owner celebrated a milestone: 1,900 days of videos! That’s more than five years that they have been doing this. That’s definitely something to be proud of.

We love being a part of Bean and Lily’s morning routines and look forward to more videos of them.

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