Shelter kitties Quin and Raven play with each other while waiting to get adopted

Two cats, Quin and Raven, spent their shelter days comforting each other through the bars of their cages. Now Quin has been adopted, and Raven is well on her way to being adopted too, gaining new families who will give them all the love and cuddles they need.

Shelter love

Cats are often solitary creatures, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like interacting with each other. At Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, these two kitties were spotted playing with each other by batting at each other’s paws through their cages.

An article by the Dodo describes Quin, the orange and white one, as “a playful, affectionate guy famous around the shelter for pawing at people through his kennel door.”

The article says that the black cat, Raven, is a kitten whose mother and siblings were also at the shelter. Quin might have started the game, but friendly Raven was happy to play along.

It may have been more than just a game for these kitties. Julie Saraceno, a volunteer at the shelter, told the Dodo:

“I think the cats were reaching out to each other to play, but also to get a sense of comfort. The shelter is very loud and can be a stressful environment. The cats begin to get desperate for affection. I’m glad they found comfort in each other!”

Saraceno saw them and quickly caught the interaction on video. She posted the video to her Instagram account with the caption “Shelter cat love.”

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Saraceno hoped that the video would bring some attention to the shelter, and that people would be interested in adopting Quin and Raven.

The video was a success! People loved seeing the two playful kitties comforting each other and wanted to see them adopted and happy in their forever homes.

Positive comments saying that the cats should be adopted and asking if they were yet.
Positive responses to Quin and Raven’s adorable video.

Now, after 60 days of living in the shelter, Quin has been adopted. In a post on July 30th, Saraceno announced his adoption and posted a video of the kitties saying their last sweet goodbye before Quin went off to his new home.

It might be the end of their “love affair,” but it’s also the beginning of something wonderful. Quin is sure to receive so much love in his new home.

For now, there has been no news of Raven being adopted. But there’s no doubt that their sweet story will reach the heart of someone who will adopt her too.

Quin and Raven are on their own separate journeys now, but they made each other’s time in the shelter so much better with their playful connection.

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