Missing cat is overjoyed to be reunited with German Shepherd bestie

Clyde the cat and Triton the German Shepard are the two bestest friends that anyone could ever have. That’s why Clyde was utterly overjoyed to be reunited with Triton after going missing for almost two weeks.

Clyde’s family was worried sick and had no idea if they would ever see Clyde again when their cat had disappeared for 12 long days.

Thankfully, their prayers for Clyde’s safe homecoming were answered. According to MtnLioness on Rumble, Clyde was returned to his home after a neighbor recognized the cat’s picture in a “Lost and Found” ad.

Clyde’s family couldn’t have been happier knowing the kitty was home safe and in good health. Clyde had missed everyone in his family while he was gone.

Together again

However, there was one person in particular that he seemed to miss the most, and that was Triton. Clyde and Triton’s mom started filming as soon as she saw these two cozying up to one another when they were first reunited.

Triton jumped up on the bed to greet his buddy, and the two nuzzled their heads a bit. But these friends wanted to take things slow before jumping into an all-out love fest.

A ginger cat lies on its said on a bed.
Clyde takes a well-deserved rest after his 12 days of adventure away from home. Pic credit: MtnLioness/Rumble

Triton gave Clyde’s feet a little sniff. There were a lot of new smells on those feet that he didn’t recognize.

Triton went in for a few deeper sniffs before Clyde was ready to get his cuddle on. Then Clyde just nuzzled his face into the side of Triton’s face. The pet’s mom can be heard asking off-camera:

“Clyde are you just a little happy to be home?”

Home sweet home

It certainly seemed like it because Clyde kept rubbing up against his buddy Triton. After that, Triton continued with his sniffing. It seems like everyone wanted to know where Clyde had been during his 12-day “adventure.”

“He’s [Triton] smelling everywhere he’s [Clyde] been. I wish Triton could tell me.”

Clyde and Triton’s reunion was so heartwarming it was viewed more than 1.6 million times on Rumble

Clyde was a little exhausted and was ready to just relax and enjoy being home again. He plopped down near Triton and just let his buddy continue with the sniffing while he relaxed.

And Triton seemed very happy doing just that. Clyde and Triton’s mom asks within the video:

“Triton, is Clyde home?”

Triton was just wagging his tail and pointed his big brown eyes down at his favorite fluffy orange friend. Yes, Clyde was finally home, and everyone was very grateful for that.

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