‘Nurse’ cat cares for other animals at this Polish animal shelter

Radamenes the cat was initially brought into an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as a patient himself.

At only two months old, he was found in dire health with an upper respiratory infection. He was in such a poor state that the staff working at the shelter didn’t think he would make it.

But after intensive treatment by one of the shelter’s veterinarians, Dr. Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich, Radamenes made a full recovery.

After he was fully healed, his personality began to show, it turns out that Radamenes had the perfect nurse’s instincts.

Black cat sits beside a beagle dog under anesthesia.
As soon as he was healthy Radamenes got straight to work comforting the other patients at the shelter. Pic credit: @Radamenes/Facebook.

Cat nurse

Perhaps the illness that Radamenes endured made him want to comfort other animals who were suffering, or maybe it’s just in his nature.

Whatever motivates him, the little black cat began to cuddle up to the sick animals in the shelter. As Dr. Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich explained:

“He cleans them and sleeps with them and pays particular attention to those suffering from serious disease”.

He also has a fondness for those recovering from surgery, acting as a warm presence for scared animals to wake up to.

A black cat sitting on the edge of a bed lying next to a dog under anesthesia.
Even if there’s barely any space for him, Radamenes will find a way to give comfort! Pic credit: @Radamenes/Facebook.

Despite no medical degree or formal training, Radamenes is considered a “full-time nurse” at the shelter because of all he does for the animals.

In return for his work, he has a forever home at the shelter under the attentive care of the staff.

He has all of his vaccinations but even so, the staff makes sure that Radamenes doesn’t snuggle up to any cats that might make him sick, which thankfully is a rare occurrence.

Kitten whisperer

Along with his assistance to the ill patients at the shelter, Radamenes likes to make sure that any kittens that come through get the attention they deserve.

As you can see in the video below, Radamenes is “conducting the first examination” of the kittens, as Dr. Lucyna describes the black cat’s approach.

Radamenes also ensures that kittens at the shelter are enriched with play and groomed to perfection as any good nurse would.

A black cat lying down with a little black kitten.
Radamenes teaches this young kitten to be just like him. Pic credit: @Radamenes/Facebook.

With Radamenes on staff, all of the animals at the shelter in Bydgoszcz are sure to be well taken care of!

A black cat on top of a white and grey tabby cat with his arms around them.
Radamenes hugs a patient as they wake from anesthesia. Pic credit: @Radamenes/Facebook.
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