Cats Island welcomes stray cats and lone pets

Cat Island, the Chinese island turned into a safe haven for stray cats and abandoned pets

Stray cats have been given an atypical home on “Cat Island,” a shelter unlike any other, situated on a small lake island in China. Since then, some of the residents have found permanent homes While the project is still in its infancy stage, a small number of island residents have found permanent homes. The shelter … Read more

Black and white cat meowing through window

Cat demands attention by yelling through shelter window

On September 5th, Reddit user pogo_loco shared their experience with a cat at a shelter that they volunteer for. They posted a picture of a black and white kitty with its mouth open, caught in the act of meowing loudly. The caption says: “Getting yelled at through the glass while I checked in for my … Read more

Animal shelter staff member pets a cat

Shelter staff was asked what cat they would take home

These shelter workers were asked what cat they would take home from the shelter if they had to choose one. Everyone seemed to have their favorite, and it wasn’t ever the same cat. Their responses were so sweet, showing lots of love to many of the shelter cats.  The Tri-County Animal Rescue is a nonprofit … Read more

A tabby cat lies upon a woman's chest.

A woman has run the equivalent of five and a half marathons to raise money in honor of her late cat

Passionate about running, a woman in England decided to run the equivalent of five and a half marathons for a good cause. She is doing it to raise funds for the shelter where she had adopted her late cat. Laura Wren will never forget the wonderful time she spent with Misty, a cat who lived … Read more

A black lying in a cat bed beside a sleeping cat.

‘Nurse’ cat cares for other animals at this Polish animal shelter

Radamenes the cat was initially brought into an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as a patient himself. At only two months old, he was found in dire health with an upper respiratory infection. He was in such a poor state that the staff working at the shelter didn’t think he would make it. But after … Read more