Earless cat is a reminder that ‘you’re beautiful as you are’

Nora, a tabby who had both of her ears removed due to infections that she contracted while living as a stray, has charmed the internet.

Nora lives with her owners in Wisconsin, who adopted her from their local shelter in 2020 when they fell in love with the kitty and her unique look.

Nora Jean the Earless Queen!

Nora has built up a huge following online, with people flocking to her adorable Instagram page to keep up with the cute antics of the unusual-looking feline.

Nora’s owners have packed her page with lots of loving quips and puns dedicated to the unique kitty cat, nicknaming her ‘No Ears Nora’ and referring to her as ‘Nora Jean the Earless Queen’ in her bio.

Chronic ear infections

When Nora was rescued from the streets of Wisconsin, the vet who treated her discovered that while living as a stray she had sadly developed several chronic ear infections.

Given the severity of these infections which had gone untreated for so long, Nora needed immediate surgery to return her to full health.

To treat the unwell cat’s ear canals, the vet had to remove the gray tabby’s ear flaps which were badly infected and would make it impossible for her to make a full recovery.

A happy disposition

Despite the surgery that Nora had to undergo, her ears are perfectly functional and she does not suffer from any hearing problems.

Nora’s owner has shared via the cat’s Instagram page that she is a very friendly feline who has a happy disposition despite the setbacks that she has faced in her life.

Beautiful as she is 

The sweet tabby’s owner has several pairs of ‘ears’ that have been crocheted for the unique cat, to take the place of the infected ears that she had to say goodbye to.

However, Nora hates these hand-made ears and despises wearing them, and according to her owner he is absolutely fine with that.

Along with one of Nora’s photos that shows her modeling a pair of these hand-made ears, her owner stated:

“Throwback to one of the RARE times I ever put any ears on Nora. She has over 10 pairs but absolutely hates them, so she never wears them. Fine by me – she’s beautiful as she is!”

A tabby cat wearing purple crocheted ears.
Nora, showing off a pair of crocheted ears. Pic credit: @nora.no.ears/Instagram

Inspiring confidence

Nora now has over 28,000 followers on Instagram and many of her fans have shared how the kitty’s positive outlook has helped to inspire confidence within them.

This unique pussy cat truly embodies the uplifting concept of loving yourself exactly as you are!

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