Rabbit chases cat in a playful game

A cat spent a stressful afternoon when his rabbit housemate decided to chase him mercilessly. The video of the animal pursuit had viewers in stitches.

Because cats can be so darn endearing, people forget they can also be relentless predators hunting the object of their attention. However, sometimes tides turn, and predators become prey.

This is what happened to nine-months tomcat Leo. His owner’s other pet, a one-year-and-a-half rabbit called Denzel, decided to initiate a cat and mouse game, except that Leo was the mouse in this case.

In this twisted take on the real world, the bunny was on the cat’s trail. And the bunny didn’t plan on letting the feline get away easily.

Lexi Weaver, Leo and Denzel’s owner, is a 25-year-old waitress. The pet owner stumbles upon her furry friends playing their game in her living room one morning.

She thought this situation reversal was so funny that she had to record it. Lexi then shared the result online, garnering attention.

Her video shows a white Ragdoll cat being chased by a smaller rabbit. However, the black-and-white rabbit still manages to keep up with his fluffy opponent.

Both run around the living room armchairs and pass through a tunnel. At some point, Leo the cat tries to distract his pursuer by unexpectedly changing directions, but Denzel is not deterred.

Generally, bunnies tend to be fearful animals who swiftly go into hiding, but clearly, Denzel is made from another cloth. The Ragdoll found a worthy challenger.

In the background, Lexi watches her two companions having the time of their life. Happy pets, happy mistress.

Cat and Rabbit

The presence of pets such as cats and rabbits brings joy to the lives of millions of people. But, in addition to being clever, endearing, and curious, these two mammals also display notable behavioral and lifestyle differences.

It is not a whim or a random choice to have a rabbit and a cat share the same house. The cat and the rabbit might be unable to live together successfully because of their respective personalities.

Nevertheless, even if the situation is not ideal, a rabbit and a cat can still share a home despite their differences. Of course, this cohabitation will require time for the pets to get acquainted.

Because a kitten is more malleable than an adult cat and has everything to learn, the configuration with the rabbit as the first pet is probably the most advantageous.

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