Voters at a local polling station in Peru are surprised to find a cat greeting them

During the most recent round of elections in Peru, a ginger-and-white cat hit the news after meeting and welcoming voters at a voting location. Far from being a stray cat, this moggy’s owner was actually present on the premises to cast his vote.

Peru’s social and political climate has been tense for the past weeks due to the regional and municipal elections occurring this month.

Almost 25 million Peruvians, according to the electoral agency ONPE, were urged to register and vote to choose twenty-five regional governors, nearly two hundred provincial mayors, and more than a thousand and a half local mayors.

Yet, an unexpected appearance stole the election candidates’ thunder in the province of Huancayo, located in the central highlands of Peru.

A citizen at a polling center has recorded a surprising scene. His video clip shows a small ginger cat on a table purring attentively while getting petted by several voters, waiting in line for their turn.

Peruvians are currently electing their local officials in a high-stakes poll. Local newspaper InfoAndes reported that this incident took place at the voting center number 30009 in Virgen de Guadalupe.

The ginger-and-white kitten was left sitting on a table because his owner, who came to fulfill his civic duty, couldn’t find anyone to watch his pet during this interval. Besides, with mandatory voting in Peru, the citizen had no choice but to show up accompanied.

As a result of the cat’s presence, people at the station started petting it. This cute feline provided a welcome distraction for those waiting to cast their ballot.

Furthermore, polls have indicated that people in Peru aren’t paying much attention to the impending local elections.

A temporary escape from a tense election

Political analysts have expressed concerns that the election’s outcome could deepen the division in the country. If people couldn’t agree on whom to pick as leaders, they definitely did on this moggy.

After news provider Infoandes uploaded a video of the ginger cat roaming in thevoting center, followers positively responded to the publication. Commenters found the pet adorable, funny, or sweet, to quote some of them.

Amid a heavy atmosphere, it appears that felines are the answer to make everybody relax.

Politically-inclined feline Larry from 10 Downing Street in the UK certainly knows a thing or two about navigating a tumultuous social situation. He recently offered comic relief during the leadership change in his country.

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