Remembering Thurston Waffles, the cat who became a meme legend

A white feline made famous for his unusual meow has passed away at the age of 15. His grieving owners shared the sad news with fans on their social media pages.

A social media phenomenon, Thurston Waffles, had a devoted following who were devastated by the announcement of his untimely death.

Thurston lived in North Dakota with a couple, Matt and Shelli. This puss became an internet sensation after a video of him meowing angrily went viral.

In this video, the cat reacted to his owner Matt declining to take him out for a walk. Hence, Thurston’s distinctive and loud meow turned into a meme.

Consequently, Netizens produced numerous remixes of the cat’s cry, placing Thurston in different situations or backgrounds. One includes the kitty replacing the roaring lion in the film studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo.

Matt and Shelli had just moved to their new home when the kitty got ill. Two vets thought it had to be either a sinus infection or dental issues.

After treating Thurston with antibiotics, the vet suggested we do a dental to cure a potentially abscessed tooth. However, the cat teeth were fine.

Later, a CT scan revealed a mass diagnosed as nasal cancer by a specialist. Then, unexpectedly, the cat died two days after said diagnosis.

Farewell to Thurston Waffles

On September 7th, Matt announced the passing of his beloved pet on their social media account. The message reads like the following:

“I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but I have to tell you now that we’ve lost Thurston. It hurts his mom and I to know how much reading this is going to hurt so many of you.”

The owner then explained the circumstances of his pet’s death. Finally, he acknowledged Thurston’s connection with his audience and the kitten’s extraordinary life.

Matt comforted fans, assuring them that the couple did everything in their power to ensure the cat’s comfort and safety and that his passing was peaceful.

A heartbroken Matt admitted he still had no idea how to handle his popular kitten internet’s presence. As a result, he intends to deactivate the cat’s official accounts in the future.

Following the tragic news, people flooded matt’s page with supportive messages. Many expressed how much the fluffy critter made them laugh; he would be missed.

@frosty_fox5 wrote on Instagram:

“We have lost another legend my friends but do not be sad he’s up there with all the greats.”

In a similar message, user @icarus_009 revealed:

“I genuinely cried when I heard that Thurston passed. I hugged my own cat, and I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do when I have to say goodbye to her.”

Thurston Waffles has definitely made his way into people’s hearts. RIP Thurston.

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