See how this amazing woman tames a severely feral cat

Before Potato the feral cat was taken in by an experienced fosterer, he had spent a month cooped up in a shelter cage sick and alone.

The shelter staff told the woman who took him in that he was “untouchable” and was set to be euthanized that very day.

Thankfully his fosterer got there just in time and was able to save Potatoes life.

But it was going to be a long journey ahead for them.

Grey and white feral cat hiding behind a cat bed and litter box
Potato was terrified of people, who knows what he went through before he was caught. Pic credit: @kittyboyandfriends/Instagram.

Taking it slow

Potato’s fosterer noticed that in his medical notes, it said that he “wasn’t aggressive upon uptake”.

This indicated that his case possibly wasn’t as bad as it seemed, maybe he was just scared.

After she took him home she could plainly see that he was “traumatized and terrified”.

“The majority of our time together, he spends it hiding in the corner of the cage… trying to be as still as possible. Every time I move, he flinches.”

Potato’s fosterer and owner of @kittyboyandfriends

Still, she was able to pet him a little bit every now and then, but he would make it known when he wanted it to stop by scratching and hissing at her.

But his fosterer was determined to help bring him out of his hard shell.

He just needed to know he was safe, and be taught that if he misbehaves he doesn’t get treats!

Making strides

Three weeks into his fostering Potato was doing a lot better!

It was almost like he was confused by feeling safe and liking being petted but his fosterer.

The confusion led to few scratching incidents but his fosterer took this as a learning challenge for her too.

Another week and Potato was starting to play and soaking up all the affection!

His fosterer got to pet him with no scratching incidents, proving her hard work was paying off.

Grey and white cat sitting on a wooden floor
A month after being taken from the shelter Potato looks a lot better! Pic credit: @kittyboyandfriends/Instagram.

Potato was also found to be positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+), but this is now a manageable condition and is no longer the death sentence it once was.

The myth that cats with FIV+ can’t live with FIV- cats has also been debunked as of late, leading to hope that Potato will still find a good forever home.

Although he might have already found it as his fosterer hinted at him becoming friends with her own cats!

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