Tabby kitten lying on its paw

Foster kitten parent debates about decision to adopt kitten or not

This temporary foster kitten parent took in a kitten, but when it came time to make a decision about whether to adopt him or find him a different home, they weren’t sure. Helping Arnold This person took in a little kitten to help out a nearby shelter. The kitten was only 4 weeks old, and … Read more

Sick cat demonstrates willpower in animal shelter

Rescue cat with terminal cancer shows extraordinary tenacity in California shelter

Since being taken in by a California animal welfare group, a cat in critical condition has provided everyone who comes into contact with him with an essential lesson on the value of perseverance. Rescue cat Santana came to a shelter in a precarious condition. The cancer-stricken feline urgently needed treatment. With the shelter staff’s love … Read more

Black and white cat meowing through window

Cat demands attention by yelling through shelter window

On September 5th, Reddit user pogo_loco shared their experience with a cat at a shelter that they volunteer for. They posted a picture of a black and white kitty with its mouth open, caught in the act of meowing loudly. The caption says: “Getting yelled at through the glass while I checked in for my … Read more

Animal shelter staff member pets a cat

Shelter staff was asked what cat they would take home

These shelter workers were asked what cat they would take home from the shelter if they had to choose one. Everyone seemed to have their favorite, and it wasn’t ever the same cat. Their responses were so sweet, showing lots of love to many of the shelter cats.  The Tri-County Animal Rescue is a nonprofit … Read more

Old gray cat cuddles with woman

Senior cat thanks owner for adopting him by cuddling her when she has Covid

This woman adopted a 20-year-old cat in poor condition. She took care of him until he was feeling much better, and he’s so grateful for it. Taking care of Magnus Jessica is the founder of the nonprofit Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, and she has several pets of her own that she has given a home. For … Read more

Photo and cartoon version of orange tabby cat licking fluffy white kitten

This artist makes Disney-style portraits of cats and other animals

Isa Bredt is an illustrator who specializes in pet “Disneyfication,” or drawing portraits of pets in the Disney art style. She draws any kind of pet, but we especially love her adorable and lively renditions of cats. Isa studied illustration and animation for a few years at a school in her home country, the Netherlands, … Read more

Two cats play with each other through bars of their cages

Shelter kitties Quin and Raven play with each other while waiting to get adopted

Two cats, Quin and Raven, spent their shelter days comforting each other through the bars of their cages. Now Quin has been adopted, and Raven is well on her way to being adopted too, gaining new families who will give them all the love and cuddles they need. Shelter love Cats are often solitary creatures, … Read more