Sisters beat the odds and survive distemper together

Mina and Nina were found to be very frail and sickly when they were abandoned in the lobby of an emergency vet hospital. Yet the 3-day-olds were able to pull through and beat the odds by supporting each other.

The girls were left in the lobby along with their siblings without a note or their mom. They required around-the-clock neonatal care.

The hospital’s staff knew exactly the right people to care for the kittens, so they called Baby Kitten Rescue. Baby Kitten Rescue’s founder Caroline Grace agreed to take the kitties in.

Fighting through

Grace realized that the kittens required medical care in addition to neonatal care. They tested positive for panleukopenia, also known as feline distemper.

According to Grace, the survival rate for kittens with this condition is less than 10 percent.

But Grace wasn’t daunted by the statistics. She planned on giving those kitties the best care they could get.

“The survival rate for kittens is less than 10%, and the survival rate for neonates is next to nothing. But we fought for them. We fought with everything we had and with the best medical treatment plan under the direction of our vet,” Grace told The Dodo.

Mina, a dark grey kitty, and Nina, a beige and white cat, were the only two kittens who survived in their litter. Grace named the kittens accordingly. Mina means “miracle” and Nina means “strong.”

These two were going through a real tough time. They had to be tube fed every two hours and required fluids, medicine, and oxygen support.

The girls were able to survive because they had each others’ backs. They’d keep each other going with their purr motors and cuddled constantly. When one needed a boost, the other stepped in with some love.

Over time, Mina and Nina grew healthy appetites and gained increased stamina. They were soon sailing through their milestones and growing healthy.

“Nina is the brave sister who is curious about everything and scared of nothing. She loves to explore, jump and play. Mila is a gentle soul who prefers laying in your lap for pets or snuggling up to your face purring in your ear,” Grace said. “They are inseparable and always do everything together. We knew from the beginning that they needed to stay together forever.”

Over the rainbow

The sisters made excellent progress and are almost ready for adoption. They have an adoptive home lined up and will lives the rest of their lives together.

“Despite everything they’ve been through, they are both the sweetest, happiest, most easy-going kittens,” Caroline shared with Love Meow. “I’m so proud of my little miracle girls and so happy they get to live the full, cozy, and rich life they deserve, spoiled with love and attention.”

Get updates on Mila and Nina and learn more about Baby Kitten Rescue on Facebook.

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