A female rescue cat adopts an orphaned kitten much smaller than her own

In a Tennessee shelter, a rescue cat displayed maternal instinct without limits. When her foster family handed Fern a newborn kitten that its mother had abandoned, she did not waste any time taking the baby under her wings.

Becca and Nathan, both of whom are foster parents at the Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee, took in a pregnant cat named Fern at the beginning of the year.

Fern was brought to a different shelter, but they didn’t have the resources to keep her, so they asked for assistance. That’s how the expectant feline ended in Becca and her husband’s care.

“We don’t know if she was a stray or surrendered, but the staff recognized how friendly she was and knew she needed to go into a rescue,” Becca said

After two weeks in her foster home, Fern gave birth to three beautiful and healthy kittens. Her parents had the immediate impression that the young mother had the biggest heart and that she was overflowing with love for others.

Ten days later, Becca and Nathan would hear from the Nashville Rescue again. The shelter informed them that a kitten had been abandoned by her mother and was looking for a new family to take care of her.

The generous couple agreed to take the abandoned kitty. Becca explained in an interview:

“She was just two hours old after her biological mom rejected her, and she was cold and screaming when she came to us.”

The orphaned kitten settles into her new family

Fortunately, the couple had Fern to lend them a hand in this matter. Becca proceeded to carefully place the newborn referred to as Peep, in the middle of the remainder of the litter of puppies.

Fern gave the foreign kitten a sniff as if she were doing an investigation into something, but other than that, the nursing cat left the baby alone to settle in and make herself at home.

 The tiny tabby cat needed no time to settle in and locate the milk supply. Fern gave the newcomer a quick lick while nursing.

According to Becca, the newborn kitty swiftly put on a significant amount of muscle despite having a small body and gained 19 grams overnight.

Everyone learned to get along exceptionally well. Peep didn’t seem bothered that her 10-day-old brothers were out exploring their surroundings.

The younger kitten joined the eager brood. Becca thinks because Peep looks up to and strives to be like her older brothers, she has had to develop rapidly.

Peep’s eyes opened; she took her first steps and began eating solid foods virtually rather quickly. Even though she’s smaller, she loved playing with her siblings.

Meanwhile, their mother, Fern, preferred to spend her time in a quieter environment. However, the adult cat never said no to a warm lap.

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