Special needs cat Peanut is an internet celebrity thanks to his lovable ‘bunny ears’

Peanut’s owner Sydney adopted him back in 2020 after he was rescued from a hoarding situation.

She was already living with her roommates black cat named Apollo, and decided she wanted a cat that would be her own.

Sydney had always wanted to adopt a special needs cat.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to help them and give them a life they deserve.”


Older, special needs cats are not the most desirable option for people who are looking to add a feline to their family.

After seeing Peanut she couldn’t leave him at the shelter and just had to bring him home!

A special cat

The shelter that Sydney adopted Peanut from weren’t sure what the cause of his unique appearance was.

They told her that it could have been a congenital deformity or the result of abuse suffered when he was young.

When Syndey got him to vet herself they agreed with the shelter’s assessment, but confirmed that his lack of hearing and bad eyesight are the results of his misshapen head.

Brown tabby cat with malformed skull
Peanut’s head is shaped a little odd, but that only adds to his cuteness! Pic credit: @oldboypeanut/Instagram.

Peanut is partially blind and deaf, and unfortunately after a few months Peanut started to have seizures.

But thankfully they were infrequent and after a trip to the vet and a lot of tests, it turned out that Peanut had epilepsy.

Epilepsy in cats is rare and can occur for various reasons.

In Peanut’s case, it’s most likely due to his misshapen skull which caused structural issues in the formation of his brain.

In good news, with consistent medication his epilepsy is under control.

Brown tabby cat curled up beside his owner's leg
Peanut is all good now and loving life with Sydney. Pic credit: @oldboypeanut/Instagram.

Bunny boy

As Sydney started to share Peanut with the world on social media, people kept commenting on his beautiful bunny ears!

Depending on the angle Peanut can look like he is part rabbit with those ears! Pic credit: @oldboypeanut/Instagram.

His sweet nature and adorable appearance make him a very special cat indeed.

So special that Sydney credits Peanut being in her life as the reason why she’s still here too.

Brown cat with malformed skull being pet
There’s a lot of love between owner and pet. Pic credit: @oldboypeanut/Instagram.

Caring for him and making sure he is happy and healthy helps her take care of herself, even when she doesn’t want to.

Their relationship is more proof of how strong the bond between cats and their humans can be.

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