Noodle the friendly cat has a less friendly alter ego: Needle

Noodle is a friendly, loveable cat, but he has a dark secret: his alter ego, Needle. Noodle will stare at you with adorable googly eyes, but when he’s upset, he will transform into Needle and judge you with a squinty gaze.

Noodle and Needle have two separate Instagram accounts: @friendly.noodles and @unfriendly.needles. Their followers have to be able to distinguish between the two of them, or they might upset Needle!

Sweet Noodle

Noodle’s owner, Rebecca, has been posting pictures and videos of him on his Instagram since late 2019. He has googly eyes that are beautiful and hilarious at the same time, and he is also wonderfully fluffy and looks great in hats. All of this makes him one of the most photogenic cats on the internet.

Noodle is a five-year-old Persian and Scottish fold mix with chocolate point coloring. He is slightly chonky, but mostly fluffy, and he loves to lie on his back like he’s a pillow.

Brown Persian cat lies on its back
Noodle looks like such a comfy pillow. Pic credit: @friendly.noodles/Instagram

Noodle also loves to have the zoomies all over his house, sliding around on his fluffy paws. He has three cat brothers: Atlas, Squid, and Haku. Sometimes they get in the way of his zoomies, but he still loves them.

Rebecca describes Noodle as a friendly cat who likes to stare at the wall, and whose “meows sound like gentle moos.”

So is he a cow, a pillow, or a cat? Maybe he’s all three. He could be anything, especially since he already has an alter ego!

Salty Needle

Needle is like Noodle, but less friendly and more squinty. He looks just as amazing in hats as Noodle, but he would rather scream at you than admit it.

Side by side of two pictures of cat with banana hat, one calm and one meowing
Have you ever seen a banana cat scream? Pic credit: @unfriendly.needles/Instagram

Needle also enjoys personal space and snacks. He will not wait patiently for them though! He hates Mondays and, as one post says, he “does a lot of sleeping, since Noodle takes up a lot of energy.”

Rebecca first started posting pictures and videos of Needle in early 2021. The caption of the first post says, “It’s the beginning of the end.” What could she mean by that? Let’s just hope that Needle isn’t plotting her demise.

Noodle and Needle love

Both Noodle and Needle are very inspiring kitties. Along with all their wonderfully photogenic pictures, they also have oodles of Needle and Noodle doodles, fanart, and memes about them.

Their owner is also an amazing artist who often uses Noodle/Needle as a muse for her own creations.

It may be frightening when sweet Noodle transforms into salty Needle, but it’s also so much fun to see, and their family and fans love both of them equally.

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