Two kittens rescued on different days by the same teenager turned out to be siblings

Barney and Robin, two siblings, were separately saved from the streets by the same girl. The kitties weighed less than 300 grams when this volunteer found them.

In much better shape, the cats are now up for joint adoption.

17-year-old Aida Artusa discovered the felines separately by chance in her neighborhood. The four-month-old kittens were walking between automobiles on the road.

Suffering from an eye infection, which troubled their vision, Robin and Barney were oblivious to the traffic and the imminent of being run over.

Aida initially came upon Barney. The skinny kitty was visibly disoriented. When Barney slammed into a pole and almost got hit by a car, the teenager realized something was wrong with this cat.

She asked her friend to stop to check on the puss. The two girls picked the kitten up and noticed a strange mucus in his eye.

“His eyes were glazed and almost completely closed with a viscous substance… so we decided to take him home,” Aida revealed

At home, the girls fed Barney and gave him a bath until they could get him to the vet.

The next day, on her way to the beach, the girl and her friend retraced the same route and encountered another kitten, this one in much worse shape than Barney.

The same viscous substance covered its eyes. Aida and her friend went in search of the mother and saw her busy nursing another kitten.

 After much deliberation, the girl decided to bring the second sick cat home; she found out it was a female cat. Both kittens went to the veterinary clinic that same afternoon.

They were identified as siblings.

Barney and Robin recover

 When it came to finding the kitties’ names, Aida drew inspiration from a famous TV show: How I Met Your Mother. She named the rescue cats after the characters Robin and Barney.

According to the vet, Barney and Robin had an eye herpes infection and mites in their little ears. Following a month of treatment, the cats were as good as new.

Four months later, the kittens look nothing like their former selves. Both Barney and Robin are currently in peak physical condition.

The veterinarian has given them the mandatory shots. Besides, the pusses have undergone a deworming treatment. 

Their foster parent claims Barney and Robin are utterly playful, love to run, and purr constantly. The next step is to microchip them and find them a permanent home.

 Due to their strong affinity, the two cats are best adopted together.

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