The reunion of an Italian grandmother with her cat, who disappeared for four years, is very moving

A senior citizen lost both her home and her cat when an earthquake struck her Italian hometown in 2018.  Past the initial confusion of the natural disaster, the woman named Dora had spent years seeking her cat, but she had not been successful in finding it.

After a quest that lasted for four years, Dora finally retrieved her long-lost pet.

Dora’s story was shared by Mimma Bei, a friend of Dora’s, in a recent post on her social media account. Telling the touching story, she explained:

“Our dear Dora never stopped looking for him, who knows where he was for so long. “

When Dora thought she had lost her tabby cat in the mess caused by the earthquake, her heart shattered at the thought that she might never see the puss again.

Because she had spent so much time with him over the years, this lady considered her cat a member of the family.

Fortunately for Dora, the earthquake wouldn’t be the last time she saw the beloved feline. After being apart for four years, the grandmother and her animal companion finally had the moving reunion they earned.

 Despite the prolonged separation, Dora’s cat immediately recognized his former owner. Both Dora and he felt immense happiness when they found each other again.

Medias shared by Mimma Bei illustrate the two old friends’ warm and wonderful get-together

 Dora and her lost car never left each other again

Paws daily reports that it is unknown where the cat has been for the previous four years, but he came back in relatively good physical condition.

Once they reunited, Dora spent time bonding again with her best friend. Later, their story turned slightly bittersweet.

In fact, Dora’s gorgeous cat turned fifteen years old, making him an elderly feline. When he became ill, the ginger had to go to the vet clinic.

The veterinary clinic staff informed Dora that the puss was really sick; hence he remained in hospice care for some time. As the moggy’s health progressively worsened, owner and vet painfully decided to put him to sleep.

 Till the end, Dora stayed by her furry companion’s side, spending their final hours together.

A few hours later, the grandmother returned home, heartbroken at the loss of her lovely pet. She went to take a nap and never awoke. Dora and her ginger were so connected that they exited this earth barely 4 hours apart.

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