Stray cat, regularly visiting a printing shop, becomes the store’s mascot

In the United Arab Emirates, a stray cat found benefactors in a printing business. The moggy became so regular at the shop that the owners had to adopt him officially.

Tom, the ginger kitten, is now a recognizable figure in the neighborhood, charming clients and online fans alike.

Once a lone wanderer, Tom began coming to the United Arab Emirates printing company Photo Fast Studio three years ago. Taking pity on the kitty, the business’s employees started feeding him.

Once Tom got his paw in the door, he soon turned into a regular. At some point, the printing shop became the kitty’s favorite spot.

One of the store’s employees called, Adem, said in an interview:

 ” He started following us into the shop. He then stopped walking away. He now resides here.”

If you ask what the ginger cat does in the shop, the response is simple: He eats and sleeps all day. Adem added that the feline also interacts with customers on occasion.

Apart from napping on the job, Tom was able to work his feline charisma to his advantage.  He obtained an envied position in the structure: the ambassador’s spot.

Tom is a popular mascot

Ergo, Tom soon modeled the images adorning the store’s many picture frames. The sheer number of frames almost made the store’s photo section look like a shrine in Tom’s honor.

When asked why the cat was picked to pose for picture frames, Adem explained that they liked Tom. The ginger definitely works his magic on the employees.

Moreover, Tom’s presence in the store has benefited the business. Twitter user Pahtch from the area says the puss encouraged her to visit the printing store more than before.

According to her, Photo Fast Studio having a mascot inspires customers to return. Clients are compelled to engage in playful interaction with Tom.

Not content with being a local star, the cat is now the object of admiration of people all over the world. A tweet Pahtch made about Tom was well-received and shared over 80,000 times.

People were inquisitive about the ginger critter.

“I didn’t really expect my tweet to blow up,” the netizen said

People have been bombarding Pahtch with messages on the shop’s location to see if it’s possible to get Tom’s picture frames shipped.

As it turns out, business at the photo store may soon increase, and new Tom shrines may appear in other parts of the world.

The Tom infatuation continues.

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