Rescue kitten returns home with a baby possum on her back

It’s’ common knowledge that kittens love to bring back objects gathered during their expeditions. But a house cat returned home with another animal on her back.

Having been rescued by her mistress, Blanquis wanted to extend generosity to someone else.

Ms. Yessica Rodriguez resides in Altamira, Mexico. While walking along the road, she spotted a young kitten in the ditch.

Yessica could spot neither the cat’s mother nor the litter’s rest. This feline was all alone.

The assistant took the kitten in, bottle-feeding and nursing her back to health. Growing up, Blanquis became a strong and unique cat.

Blanquis has demonstrated affection and exceptional generosity toward those important to her.

On a Friday morning, Yessica was getting ready to work when her husband called her and asked her to come outside.  The man yelled:

“You have to come down here. Your kitten has an animal on her back! “

A confused Yessica dashed outside to see what was happening. Blanqis has a delicate package on her back. A baby possum was hanging tightly on the kitten’s hair.

Blanquis had come across the defenseless during her routine stroll and felt compelled to help. The considerate kitty had let the newborn hop onto her back and carried it to the safety of her house.

Yessica said that she knew opossums mothers carried their babies in that manner. Therefore, the baby possum probably trusted the kitten and sought refuge in Blanquis’s warm fur.

Yessica was moved to tears when she saw her cat care for the possum by grooming him and lulling him to sleep with her purring. She told the Dodo:

“She licks at him like it’s nothing. Watching her care for other animals makes me feel extremely sensitive.”

The woman reached out to a wildlife specialist to learn how to care for the baby opossum until he could be placed under expert care.

The rescue kitten acts like a mother

On the other hand, Blanquis was settling fine in her role as a surrogate mother. The kitten loved the baby possum as if he were her child, even though she was unable to provide for him in a physical sense.

Although the young opossum was only with them temporarily, Rodriguez found it deeply meaningful to watch Blanquis rescue him and provide a warm haven for the little creature.

It reminded the owner of her own experience with the cat.

After a brief period, the baby possum was taken to a specialist. Still, he was not allowed to interact with other people so that he might finally return to his natural environment.

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