Tiny tabby kitten meowing

Tiny malnourished kitten rescued after being found sleeping in a sock

This kitten was sleeping in a sock and only being fed 2% milk. She was in desperate need of help. Fortunately, someone stepped up and took the responsibility to save her. Kitten in a sock According to this person, she found the kitten at a party. The host had been trying to take care of … Read more

Orange cat eating corn on the cob

Video of a cat devouring corn on the cob goes viral

Juice the cat loves corn! His owner posted a video on TikTok of him devouring some corn on the cob, and it went viral. Crazy for corn Juice is a fluffy orange cat whose TikTok videos always make people laugh. He likes to meow, and he loves food, so it’s no surprise that he would … Read more

Fluffy orange tabby cat with a collar

Norman the fluffy orange cat is a bit of a weirdo, but people love him for it

Norman is a cat who delights the Instagram community with his silliness and his orange floofiness. He’s definitely a weirdo, but that’s what makes his personality so great. A special family Norman is part of a family of cats who are famous on Instagram for their inspiring stories and adorable antics. These cats include Dilly … Read more

Fluffy gray Persian cat with yellow eyes

Bobbie the Persian cat is a funny, fluffy TikTok star

Bobbie the Persian cat is an irresistibly floofy Tiktok star. Ever since her owners adopted her, she has been charming her followers with her big yellow eyes, fluffy fur, and sassy personality. Now she has over 2 million followers and is still going strong. Rescuing Bobbie Bobbie lives in Wales with her humans who adopted … Read more

Black and white cat meowing through window

Cat demands attention by yelling through shelter window

On September 5th, Reddit user pogo_loco shared their experience with a cat at a shelter that they volunteer for. They posted a picture of a black and white kitty with its mouth open, caught in the act of meowing loudly. The caption says: “Getting yelled at through the glass while I checked in for my … Read more