Pet Portraits finds your pet in famous artworks

Google’s Pet Portraits app finds look-alikes of your cat in artworks

A tool developed by Google lets users upload pictures of their pets and discover the hidden work of art within the animal. Inspired by the success of their Arts & Culture app, which allows people to identify themselves in renowned artworks, the Palo Alto firm launched the animal version called Pet Portraits at the end … Read more

Feline Grimace Scale to detect cats' pain

Researchers release an application to assess pain in cats based on their grimaces

Veterinarians and cat owners will benefit from an app developed by University of Montreal academics Paulo Steagall and Beatriz Monteiro to determine feline discomfort levels. This new tool, called Feline Grimace Scale, is the first step in applying AI to veterinary practice.  Zoetis and the Quebec-based company Vertisoft funded its backing research. Available in English, … Read more

A siamese cat lying down.

Website Purrli lets you enjoy soothing purring sounds without owning a cat

Cat fans rejoice! An online generator called Purrli recreates the sound of a cat purring, helping you create a calming acoustic atmosphere. On Monday, August 8th we celebrate International Cat Day! Cats have officially become internet royalty. Felines appear in video games like Stray, board games, and merchandise. Their faces have also been utilized in … Read more