Cat and owner reunion touched hearts

A cat has the most heartwarming reunion with his owner after a month apart

A Canadian woman traveling for a month left her housecat under a friend’s care. When she returned, the puss greeted her with the warmest possible reception. The cat owner shared a video of the reunion on her Tiktok account, giving viewers fuzzy feelings. Going away for an extended period can be stressful, even worse if … Read more

Community helps student pay for cat surgery

A student can’t afford her cat’s surgery, but she gets unexpected help

A young student had an injured cat who needed costly treatment. The pet owner was desperate to treat her ailing companion, but the cat surgery would cost thousands of dollars. In short, the clinic was asking for money she didn’t have. However, when they heard about her plight, a slew of individuals, including a veterinarian, … Read more

Prince Albert municipal worker saves cat in storm drain.

A shelter and a city worker team up to save a kitten in a storm drain

In Prince Albert, Canada, a committed Public Works- Water and Sewer Officer made a valiant rescue on August 25. The man rescued an eight-week-old kitten caught in a drain using a safety belt before releasing her to shelter workers. An example of successful teamwork! According to Ashlee Bober, manager of the Prince Albert SPCA, the … Read more

Feline Grimace Scale to detect cats' pain

Researchers release an application to assess pain in cats based on their grimaces

Veterinarians and cat owners will benefit from an app developed by University of Montreal academics Paulo Steagall and Beatriz Monteiro to determine feline discomfort levels. This new tool, called Feline Grimace Scale, is the first step in applying AI to veterinary practice.  Zoetis and the Quebec-based company Vertisoft funded its backing research. Available in English, … Read more

Small breeders aare subject to a certification

A certification for small cat breeders

The National Animal Welfare Advocacy Association in Québec (ANIMA-Québec) has established a certification system for cat farms and daycare facilities in an effort to preserve the animals and to rectify a gap in the legislation. While owners of 15 or more of these animals are required to have a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, … Read more

fake Spynx cat are sold to buyers

Women are sold shaven kittens passing as Sphynx cats in vile scam

A despicable scam took place in Alberta, Canada, where women purchased what they thought was a Sphynx kitten.  Except that a few weeks later, the fake Sphynx cat strangely started growing fur. Sphynx cats, a rare breed recognizable by their hairless look, are in high demand. Unfortunately, this inspires some crooked people to engineer dodgy … Read more