Two cats sitting inside a fridge

Two cats love exploring strange places, including inside the fridge

Cats love to explore, and sometimes we find them in the strangest places. These two kitties are your average curious cats, and they love to explore everywhere, even inside the fridge! Explore everything! These two cats, Nagi and Karma, love to explore the strangest places. Their owner posted a picture on Reddit of them inside … Read more

blind gray cat sits on bench among sunflowers

This cat with congenital glaucoma does not let her condition stop her sense of adventure.

In January 2018, Julia Henning took her adorable foster kitten with congenital glaucoma in for emergency surgery to get her eye removed. Not certain if this kitten would survive, doctors hoped for the best. Congenital glaucoma is a severe condition that causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve. In cats, it is an inherited genetic … Read more