Willow the cat brings her favorite neighbor beautiful pink flowers every day

Willow is a friendly feline who enjoys visiting her neighbors but one neighbor, in particular, has become Willow’s favorite and she showers them with affection every day by bringing them beautiful pink flowers from her garden.

The lucky neighbor who has earned Willow’s adoration is named Rosie and she spoke to Love Meow about Willow’s place in the neighborhood, saying:

“Willow rules over about six of the gardens, and I’m pretty sure she gets fed by everyone because she’s very difficult to say no to.”

Welcome to Willow’s block

On any given day, Willow can be found in one of her neighbor’s gardens sunning herself or enjoying a cheeky nibble of some food that they have left out for the friendly kitty.

According to Rosie, though Willow is fed by everyone in the neighborhood and given rubs and affection by them, Rosie is the only one who allows Willow into her house. 

When Willow meows outside Rosie’s door, the woman lets her in to enjoy a nice catnap on one of her home’s many comfy couches.

It seems that this act of kindness may have inspired Willow to pay it forward and gift Rosie with flowers to repay her goodwill.

Mystery posies

One day in early Spring, Rosie noticed that there were several heads of pink flowers strewn around outside her garden’s backdoor. 

At first, she assumed that the wind had simply blown the flowers (which bore no resemblance to anything that grew in her garden) into her yard.

However, as more and more pink flowers appeared, she began to suspect that someone was putting them there, but who could be leaving these mystery posies for her?

Secret admirer identified

One day several weeks after the pink flowers started to appear in her garden Rosie unveiled the identity of the kind-hearted person who had been gifting her posies.

Expect it wasn’t a person, it was a cat! Rosie had been cooking in her kitchen one day when spotted Willow striding up to her back door with a pink flower in her mouth.

Rosie grabbed her phone and managed to record footage of the thoughtful kitty leaving flowers at the door of her favorite neighbor.

Upon realizing that Willow had been her secret admirer, Rosie felt touched that the cat clearly felt so much affection for her. She told Love Meow:

“She clearly likes us because she steals flowers from (her owners) and leaves them on our deck. It was at least ten flowers before we realized it was her.”

A long-haired tabby walks through a garden with a pink flower in her mouth.
Willow on her way to deliver more flowers to Rosie. Pic credit: Love Meow/YouTube

The kindness of Willow

Willow has yet to deliver any bouquets to her other neighbors, but according to Rosie, she continues to leave pink flowers in front of Rosie’s door every day. 

The woman shared that the simple act has had the power to brighten her mood every time she sees a pink flower that has been left behind by Willow.

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