Talented bassist duets with cats

A gifted musician has been gaining attention on Instagram for videos that share his unique duets with musically minded cats.

Jeffin Rodegheri, whose Instagram handle is Jeffinmr, has charmed the internet with his freestyle duets that he creates with cats whose musical endeavors are posted online. 

Giving it bass

Rodegheri is a talented bass player who found inspiring melodies to bring his basslines to life, those melodies just happen to be played by cats. 

In his videos, he can be seen riffing with various pussycats, most of whom enjoy playing the piano but one cat has created a symphony using only a rubber band. 

Harmonious duets

In his latest video posted six days ago, Rodegheri’s accompanist is a gray and white cat who is experimenting on his owner’s piano.

The cat seems unaware that he is being watched as he paws at the ivory keys with curiosity, the kitty seems to be trying out experimental jazz and Rodegheri dutifully follows his lead. 

Together they create a melody that might sound discordant to some, but the passion that Rodegheri puts into the impromptu tune that his kitty accompanist is creating makes the song endearing.

Two bassists jam 

One of Jeffin Rodegheri’s most popular videos sees him create a tune with a cat who is mischievously playing with a rubber band that is attached to a box. 

The cat, who Rodegheri reveals is named Oscar, lazily tugs on the rubber band which makes a resounding twang similar to that of a bass guitar, and seems unaware that he is creating an awesome bassline.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to jam with a fellow bassist, Rodegheri follows the musically minded tabby’s lead and builds a sweet riff on top of the twangs of Oscar’s improvised bass.

A perfect match

Rodegheri has a regular kitty pianist with whom he enjoys collaborating, a ginger tabby named Barney who loves to tinkle the piano keys. 

There are several videos on Rodegheri’s Instagram page where he duets with the talented tabby who can’t seem to get enough of his owner’s keyboard. Barney is a methodical composer who pauses after each piano keystroke to take in the sound that he has made.

Rodegheri titled one of the symbiotic melodies that he and Barney created together: β€˜Rhapsody on a Theme of Barney’.

Future musical plans

As of yet, Jeffin Rodegheri has not shared what his plans are for his incredible feline duets, but there is no doubt that the musician could release a very successful album with all of the songs that he and his furry accompanists have created.

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