Adopted cat becomes an Internet star

Lizzy, nicknamed Owlkitty for her wide-eyed, owl-like appearance, is a 5-year-old black cat with a rambunctious personality.

Her owners, Tibo and Olivia adopted Owlkitty when she was a kitten from a shelter that was looking after Owlkitty’s mother, Licorice.

They were able to watch little Owlkitty and her siblings grow, and when it finally came time to meet the litter and choose their kitten, Owlkitty made sure to choose them first.

Black kitten being held
Owlkitty sleeping in her future owner’s hands. Pic credit: @Owlkitty/YouTube.

When Tibo and Olivia first met Owlkitty she “played so hard that she passed out” in their hands, securing her place in their hearts.

Coming home

She had fully won over the couple, but there was another cat at home that still needed to be swayed.

But Juliette – an American short-hair who already lived at Owlkitty’s future home – didn’t take long to warm up to her new playmate.

Tibo and Olivia made sure to follow all the advice for introducing cats to each other; keeping them in separate rooms with short and supervised visits to each other, etc.

And soon enough, Juliette and Owlkitty were the best of friends.


The making of an internet star

Tibo and Olivia soon found out that the kitten energy Owlkitty displayed at the shelter was here to stay.

Even Juliette was having a hard time keeping up with her.

So the couple thought it would be fun to start filming her crazy antics, which turned into the genius idea of filming her in front of a green screen.

The couple has experience in the film and media industry, and one day they thought it’d be fun to edit her into the film Jurassic Park.

The ‘Owlkitty cut’ of Jurassic Park made by Tibo went viral, passing through all the popular social media sites, which inspired him to make more of these short funny videos.

Since the original video, Owlkitty has been edited into such famous films as Star Wars, The Shining, and Titanic, to name a few.

A particularly popular video is Owlkitty in The Lord of the Rings, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

With the popularity comes responsibility, which Tibo and Olivia understand well.

They are advocates of #ADOPTDONTSHOP, using the hashtag in their videos to encourage people to rescue animals and they have fundraised to help support cat adoption services and shelters in the past.

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