Teen runs across traffic to save a cat that was shockingly thrown out of a moving car

While Lucky’s first family didn’t think twice about ending his life, a 14-year-old risked his just to save the cat. Gavin Brown ran into traffic to save Lucky after he was hanging from an over-bridge about to fall onto a highway.

Gavin and his mom Erin Brown were driving to a birthday party when they saw a cat being thrown out of the window of a moving car. They were completely shocked and appalled at the horrifying act.

But that didn’t stop them from taking action. Erin pulled her car over, and her son jumped out. He waved to oncoming traffic to stop so he could grab Lucky, who was in grave danger.

Risky rescue

The poor cat was terrified and was running in all directions to get away from traffic. The cat ran toward the overpass and was about to jump down onto the highway below.

That’s when Gavid dove into the overpass to grab the cat and bring it to safety. Lucky was clearly experiencing trauma and was huffing and puffing in Gavin’s arms.

LoveMeow reports that the cat’s nails were ripped off from trying to hold onto the pavement too hard. Thankfully Lucky was now in safe hands.

A teen boy hugs a tabby cat.
Gavin and Lucky are best buds now and pretty much inseparable. Pic credit: Ana Maria Roseiro/Facebook

Erin told LoveMeow:

“He cuddled right into Gavin’s arms, and Gavin held him tightly and just kept petting him to show him that we wouldn’t hurt him and gain the cat’s trust,”

Lucky was immediately rushed to BluePearl Animal Hospital, which administered care to the cat. They also gave him medication so he wouldn’t be in pain. Erin explained:

“Gavin was not letting go of his new baby. The bond was instant and he was a hot emotional mess over this cat,”

Bros for life

People were so overwhelmed with Gavin’s brave act that complete strangers on the internet offered to pay for Lucky’s hospital bills.

This brought the sweet teenager to tears, he also chipped in $63 of his own money to get them closer to the total hospital costs.

Thankfully, Lucky healed from his injuries and is very happy in his new home with the Browns. Lucky and Gavin are best friends and couldn’t be closer. Erin shared:

“Lucky is well aware that Gavin saved him and their bond is one I just can’t describe.

Lucky is so far the sweetest cat I have ever met! He is so mellow and playful and just plain lovable!”

Before the incident, Gavin was thinking about becoming a veterinarian one day. Now, Gavin is sure this is the path he wants to take since he’s already had his first patient and new forever friend.

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