Chirping shelter cat with the saddest eyes comes up with scheme to get adopted

Vienna was not used to being a shelter cat. So, it’s a good thing she had a schtick that would help her get adopted. Every time you walked by Vienna’s cage, she would bat her big sad eyes, chirp, and wave her poofy tail for attention.

It wasn’t a complete act. Those sad eyes were genuine as Vienna was completely heartbroken when she arrived at BARCS Animal Shelter.

That’s because her elderly owner had to give her up since she was no longer able to care for her pets.

Vienna’s owner didn’t want to give up Vienna and her other cats, but she had no choice. The folks at BARCS pledged to find each of her beloved pets a healthy new home.

Time to heal

First, they had a lot of work to do. Vienna was completely infested with fleas to the point that they made her anemic. She couldn’t breathe well and had no will to eat or drink.

Vienna was underweight and also needed to have a cyst removed from above her eye. Vienna’s medical condition would require an adoptive home that would be able to take care of an older cat with special needs.

Thankfully, Vienna had a special way of attracting people to her that could help her find a forever home. The BARCS staff were completely enamored by it.

BARCS wrote on Facebook:

“Despite everything she has been through, Vienna is as sweet and cuddly as can be.

Every time someone passes her cages she bats her big green eyes, chirps as loud as she can, and waves her pom-pom-esque tail to try and get their attention,”

BARCS posted a picture of Vienna’s sweet, sad face on social media, hoping that someone would see it and offer to adopt her. They even waved Vienna’s adoption fee. BARCS wrote:

“Vienna deserves someone to snuggle up to every night, someone who will let her lay in all the sunspots and give her all the love in the world…and look past her medical needs,”

Better with a friend

In the meantime, Vienna wasn’t entirely lonely. Vienna had her best friend, a cat named Elvis, by her side. These two were a bonded pair and attached at the hip around the clock.

The staff at BARCS had their fingers crossed that someone would be willing to adopt Vienna and Elvis so they wouldn’t have to be separated.

They were overjoyed when a loving person stepped up to take them both. Because of this kindhearted person, Vienna’s sad expression is a little bit happier.

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