Teensie the tiny kitten grows happy and healthy with help from her bigger brother

Teensie was a tiny kitten who was found in a trailer park along with her siblings and rescued. When she first came to her foster home, she was half the size of the rest of her siblings and very sick, with a severe respiratory infection and an eye infection.

Teensie’s foster mom took very good care of her, feeding her through a syringe and treating her with antibiotics. It took more than two weeks, but her foster mom was dedicated to helping her get better.

Teensie was still very small, but her condition was improving. Eventually she was healthy again and she learned how to eat on her own. Things would only get better, and she would grow bigger and stronger.

Teensie Weensie

Besides her foster mom, Teensie had a very special friend to help her on her difficult journey: her brother, Weensie. Although he was twice her size, he treated her gently and loved to spend time with her. Their foster mom said:

“Weensie is the best bigger brother to his petite little sister. He grooms her, comes running if he hears her cry, and snuggles her at bedtime.”

Teensie also grew more confident and playful, and Weensie was her favorite partner to play with…and her favorite toy to chew on!

Bonded pair

Weensie did a great job of taking care of his sister. Although Teensie took about two months to grow big and strong enough, she was finally ready to be adopted. It was no question that she and her brother were a bonded pair, and that they should be adopted together.

Teensie and Weensie were the ideal duo. Who wouldn’t want both of them? Their foster mom said:

“They both love being with their people and sleeping in bed curled up on your pillow or right on top of you. Very playful, inquisitive, and snuggly!”

As of September 10th, the two were still available for adoption, and there hasn’t been an update on their status since then. They are just waiting for the perfect family to take both of them home and love them forever.

As they wait, they’re sure to take good care of each other. Although Teensie started out so small and sick, she’s a happy, healthy kitten now because of the care of her foster mom and her loving brother Weensie.

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