This ‘bat cat’ with hydrocephalus finds a loving home to live its best life

Meet Lucy, the special needs Sphynx cat with hydrocephalus. The hairless feline got the nickname Lucy “the bat cat,” because she resembles the nocturnal animal with an oversized skull and big bulbous eyes.

Coincidently, these unusual traits are the same aspects that captivated Lucy’s mother’s attention when she adopted her.

This special feline found a place to call home with her mom Zilla Bergamini in May 2019. Her adjustment into home life did not come without its challenges.

Lucy’s first few months were rough as the unique feline had health issues and bowel problems. However, mother Zilla was fully committed to caring for Lucy’s needs.

What is hydrocephalus?

Lucy is special needs with a condition called hydrocephalus which causes spinal fluid to back up in the body and cause water on the brain. According to,

“Hydrocephalus is a neurological disease in which there is excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the ventricular system of the brain.”

In young animals, the fluid accumulates in the brain, causing the soft spot of the brain to bulge. The bones of the skull are vulnerable to increased volume and pressure.

This causes the head to form a dome-shaped cranium. The animal’s eye position within the socket may alter as well.


The most common cause of hydrocephalus in young animals is a hereditary defect. A few commonly affected breeds include:

  • Siamese cats
  • Persian cats
  • Manx cats


Untreated hydrocephalus has a poor prognosis and usually results in death. However, in some instances, animals with this condition that can get surgery or treatment can live stable, longer lives.

Living a full life

Since coming home in 2019, Lucy has persevered. She is all grown up now.

Presently, at three years old, Lucy is still thriving. You can follow Lucy “the bat cat” on Instagram.

Her Instagram page creates awareness around this condition and shows that special needs animals can live full and happy lives.

Wrap up

There is a saying that good things come in small packages. And this time is no different.

One of the greatest lessons learned in life is the importance of accepting others as they are. Each person and animal on the planet is unique and special in their own right.

That is what makes life so memorable. Learning to grow and share our lives together is truly a special treasure.

What did you think of this unique story? Do you have an animal with special needs?

Have you heard of hydrocephalus before? Share your experience in the comments.

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