A sickly calico kitten named Pumpkin next to a picture of her sickly grey spotted sister Spice

Smiling sisters pull through illness and make it through foster care together

A calico kitten named “Pumpkin” and her dalmatian kitten sister named “Spice” both survived severe illness all because they had each other. Pumpkin and Spice were brought to the shelter suffering from upper respiratory infections and cloudy eyes. Poor Pumpkin was very sick and frail and held tight to her spotted sister for comfort. Thoa … Read more

Two kittens together

Teensie the tiny kitten grows happy and healthy with help from her bigger brother

Teensie was a tiny kitten who was found in a trailer park along with her siblings and rescued. When she first came to her foster home, she was half the size of the rest of her siblings and very sick, with a severe respiratory infection and an eye infection. Teensie’s foster mom took very good … Read more

Light colored kitten lying on its back

Tabitha became the emotional support kitten in her special needs foster home

For Mel, a foster animal mom at Pumpkin Patch Rescue, some foster animals require less work than others. Tabitha the kitten was one of these that was a natural at the foster home, a breath of fresh air for her foster mom. Tabitha was first brought to the foster home in late 2021. She was … Read more

These bonded brothers were rejected for the color of their coats, but one woman changed their lives

Brenda was used to having dogs, but when her life circumstances meant she couldn’t care for one, she decided to adopt a cat instead, as Brenda explained to GeoBeatAnimals: “If you would have asked me five years ago that I was going to end up with not one but two cats, I would have laughed … Read more