A cat miraculously makes it out of a house fire, to firefighters’ surprise

Firefighters in Glen Forrest, Australia, responded to an emergency call signaling a burning house on July 25. When they rushed to the scene and searched through the wreckage, they found a terrified kitten.

The cat’s owner, absent during the incident, was horrified to learn about the fire but relieved to find her pet in safe hands.

A senior citizen who resided in Glen Forrest, Australia, at the crossroads of Hardey Road and Marnie Street, was the victim of a regrettable event that took place this summer.

Around two in the afternoon, as she was running errands, a fire broke out in the woman’s home. At the time, there was no one in the residence. At least, it seems.

Thankfully, a concerned neighbor alerted by the smoke called the emergency services. The Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade was situated less than a kilometer away from the property, so the firefighters hastily arrived.

The burning house was entirely engulfed in flames and hazardous fumes. Besides, firefighters could not enter the edifice for fear of unsettling asbestos.

The fire team extinguished the fire from the outside in thirty minutes. Unfortunately, once the inferno was controlled, the building was in a poor state.

News provider Perth Now reported that the property was ravaged due to the fire. Magnus Ohman, the incident controller for the Parkerville Volunteer Fire Department, gave the following statement regarding the fire:

” It was already quite strong from the front of the home when crews arrived”

When the house owner came to the scene, she was overwhelmed. Before her eyes, all her belongings were turning into ashes.  

Reports estimated the material damage to be approximately $300,000. The situation was made further worse because the woman’s cat was trapped inside the house.

The cat survived the fire

Furthermore, there was little chance firefighters would find the cat amid the wreckage in any state other than severely injured. However, while the rescuers were examining the area, one of them noticed a silver furball.

Even though the feline didn’t appear to sustain any physical injuries, he was visibly shaken. When he arrived at the vet clinic, the staff took care of him.

To clear his lungs of the smoke he inhaled, they put him under an oxygen mask.

His owner was ecstatic to learn that he had been found, and she conveyed her gratitude to the people who came to his aid.

 Following the incident, the woman relocated to a new home. In the meantime, an investigation was launched to find the origin of the fire.

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