senior cat in cat condo

This sweet senior cat was surrendered by its family, but fate intervened. You’ll love what happens next

In a viral Tik Tok video posted in March, the story of one adorable senior cat went viral. With over 14 million views, this cat adoption story resonated with millions of animal lovers. Owner surrender Meet Mallie! Mallie is a ten-year-old senior cat whose owners surrendered her as they could no longer care for the … Read more

baby kitten

This adorable kitten nibbling a man’s ear is melting hearts and going viral

In a recent YouTube video, an adorable orange kitten named Pinky is seen nuzzled beside a man’s head in bed. The young feline is curious and playful as it sniffs around and investigates the man’s earlobe oh so carefully before taking a nibble. Nibble nibble This cute kitten can’t get enough, as one nibble just … Read more

At Orsomarso press conference a cat ran the show

A cat is the center of attention at a soccer press conference in Colombia

In the current Colombian soccer Tournament, a team suffered a crushing defeat 4-1 against their opponent. Still, an intruding cat made the audience laugh during the subsequent press conference. The video of the cat prancing around on the table at the media meeting quickly spread online. Orsomarso, a Colombian second-division soccer team, is going through … Read more

Cat meets baby in cute video

Video of the first encounter between a cat and a crying baby charms the internet

Cats and babies are certified internet kryptonite. Hence, their appearance together in a video is a recipe for success. Indeed, an Instagram video showing a housecat’s first encounter with a newborn baby has won over Instagram. Posted on September 20th, the video earned 130 000 views in four hours. The arrival of a newcomer in a … Read more

ragdoll cat on bed

Amused social media viewers react to a cat unwilling to let its owner make their bed in peace

In a viral TikTok post with over 10 million views, a Ragdoll cat named Albus Dumblepaw (@neontacoat) playfully entertains its owner. In the short clip, the owner attempts to make their bed to no avail. As a cat owner, you are privy to the many delights of cat ownership. Living with cats can have its … Read more

Milo the cat

Prankster cat lures puppy inside closet and traps him

Milo, a playful cat, likes to trick his roommate, a house dog, into his owner’s closet — before closing the door on the hound. The pair’s owner, Erica Longo, filmed the sassy cat playing one of his favorite games with her dog, Beckham. Without her intervention, who knows how long the gullible canine would have spent … Read more

Two images: One of a black cat jumping from a fifth story window and one of it running away.

Daring cat survives a jump from the fifth floor of a burning building

In Chicago, Illinois, a cat jumped out of a fifth-floor window to escape an apartment on fire. The brave puss surprisingly survived the scary leap without a scratch. On May 13th, 2021, an apartment caught fire in a building in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, as the fire was spreading, onlookers called the emergency services. The Chicago … Read more

A tabby cat with ears that are very close together stares at the camera

This adorable disabled cat loves to take on TikTok challenges

Peanut, a nine-year-old feline, is taking TikTok by storm with his adorable face and comical expressions. The disabled kitten has made a name for himself as the wonky kitty. The puss has a peculiar head shape with straight ears that give him an uncanny appearance. Moreover, Peanut is deaf and partially blind, although his owner … Read more

A cat walks across the stage in front of musicians at a music concert.

A cat steals the show at a classical concert in Istanbul

Who said that cats don’t like classical music? Think again! While the CCR Symphony Orchestra was performing as part of the Amadeus Fan Club concert in Istanbul, a plucky kitten stole the show. In Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, cats are considered sacred, the animals are clearly present and part of the landscape of … Read more