Porkchop the cat’s favorite toy is a PAW Patrol balloon

Cats often come with their own special personality quirks, and Porkchop is no exception. This orange tabby kitten not only has quite a fun and unique name, but he also has some interesting preferences for the toys that he plays with.

The irresistible balloon

His owner spared no expense to keep Porkchop and his other cat siblings happy and entertained, spending about two hundred dollars on cat toys. His owner probably expected Porkchop to enjoy all his stuff, but cats have a way of turning expectations upside down. Instead of all the toys he had, his favorite thing to play with turned out to be a balloon.

The balloon isn’t just an ordinary one. It is covered with fun pictures of characters from the children’s TV show, PAW Patrol. Maybe Porkchop is a fan of the show.

Or maybe he doesn’t care and just likes how the balloon bounces around so well. It’s definitely fun to watch him chase it around the room. He makes the game look irresistible!

His owner isn’t mad that Porkchop found something to play with besides his toys. He’s glad that he’s having fun. He said:

“I’m not upset at all! Balloons are cheap! But he hasn’t popped this one yet, which is shocking.”

Porkchop has an easier time keeping his beloved balloon safe because he regularly gets his claws trimmed to keep him from tearing up and getting caught on furniture. Like most other cats, he may not like getting his nails clipped, but he gets to spend more time with his toy because of it.

Orange idiot

Even when his owner first got Porkchop, he knew he was a quirky cat. His owner has referred to him affectionately as an “orange idiot.” He spent one of his first evenings in his new home attacking a shower loofah before tiring himself out and falling asleep. Porkchop was clearly a very silly little guy.

He also got into other mischief. His owner posted about one series of unfortunate events on Reddit, saying:

“My orange idiot got spooked, attacked his own foot until he yelled, kicked himself in the face, and then bit me. Luckily I love him.”

Orange kitten biting its own foot
Porkchop eats his own foot. Maybe he got confused by his delicious name? Pic credit: u/gundam2017/Reddit

Although Porkchop has such an eccentric personality, his owner still loves him very much, and he’s very happy that his cat found a toy that he likes to play with. We wonder how long Porkchop will be interested in that PAW Patrol balloon, and how long it will survive without popping. With such an unpredictable cat, we can’t possibly tell what he’ll do next.

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