This black and white cat has a mustache to die for

Mostaccioli’s owner Natalie found her outside in her garden as a neonatal kitten with her three siblings and a very protective feral mother.

The mother cat was very underweight which worried Natalie, because she most likely wouldn’t have the ability to keep her kittens healthy on her own.

So Natalie decided to lure the feral mother into a kennel close by so she could keep an eye on them and make sure the mother stayed well fed.

She told Bored Panda back in January that she didn’t even notice Mostaccioli’s mustache until later on because her feral mother was so wary, even when safe inside her home.

Not just a foster

Natalie noticed Mostaccioli’s mustache once the kittens began to grow older and starting venturing away from their mother.

“When we noticed her mustache, I knew then she would be a foster fail for me.”

Natalie, Bored Panda, 2022.
Black and white kitten with a big black mustache
It’s easy to see why Natalie and her family kept Mostaccioli! Pic credit: @izanami.and.mostaccioli/Instagram.

Her and her family named her Mostaccioli which is an Italian pasta that looks like little mustaches, although her Dad calls her Freddie Mercury!

Mostaccioli’s three other siblings were adopted to loving homes, two of them staying together.

And Natalie made sure Mostaccioli’s mother wouldn’t have to have anymore litters of kittens.

She paid for her to be spayed with her own money so she can live wild and free.

Mostaccioli’s mother still roams around Natalie and her family’s garden, and they still make sure she is well fed.

A unique girl

Mostacciloi joined Natalie’s other cat Izanami, and the two felines hit it off from the start!

A light brown Scottish fold cat laying down with her face to the camera with a black and white cat with a mustache sitting in front of her looking at the camera
The two sisters look like they’re about to drop next billboard topping album! Pic credit: @izanami.and.mostaccioli/Instagram.

Both of the cats are indoor cats.

Natalie is a self proclaimed “overprotective cat parent” and she doesn’t want any harm coming to her felines.

So she makes sure they have plenty of entertainment inside instead.

And with her new sister close by, the two cats get up to plenty of mischief as is!

Izanami and Mostaccioli are looking very guilty in front of those plants. Pic credit: @izanami.and.mostaccioli/Instagram.

Mostaccioli’s unique markings are what made Natalie and her family fall in love with her.

And now, Natalie loves to spread the joy that looking at little Mostaccioli’s face by posting pictures and videos of her on her Instagram account.

Black and white cat with a mustache wearing a red ornate vest
These are the kind of gems your missing out on by not following her on Instagram! Pic credit: @izanami.and.mostaccioli/Instagram.
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