This woman and her 19-year-old cat are soulmates – she’s taking care of him until the very end

Kuschel is a 19-year old cat from Germany who is living out his retirement years with his soulmate and owner, Leoni.

Leoni has had Kuschel since she was four-years-old, and they’ve rarely spent a night apart since.

“As soon as he was with us in the car, I completely fell in love with him.”


Kuschel and Leoni still live at her parents house which has a beautiful garden that Kuschel has always loved frolicking in.

A white and ginger senior cat sitting in the grass
Kuschel is radiant in the sunshine. Pic credit: @oldkuschel/Instagram.

Growing old

Kuschel used to spend a lot of his time outside and only coming inside to cuddle with Lenoi at night.

But as he has grown older, he has become more comfortable indoors.

Although Leoni still takes him outside in her arms every now and then when he wants to look over his former playing grounds.

White and ginger senior cat sleeping on a bench outside
Leoni would even help him to a bench so he could rest outside before his health declined. Pic credit: @oldkuschel/Instagram.

Unfortunately, Kuschel’s health has been declining since earlier this year, all relating to his old age.

That means that now, his daily routine consists of eating and sleeping, and being doted on by Leoni for however long he has left.

Last days

Leoni is determined to make sure the rest of Kuschel’s time on this earth is as good as she can make it.

Although his health has declined, it is mostly stable, so there is no way to know how long Kuschel has left.

But Leoni has chosen to embrace the grieving process.

She has taken Kuschel’s ill health and the knowledge that he may pass soon as inspiration to enjoy every second more that she gets to spend with him.

Leoni has taken to Instagram to share pictures and videos of Kuschel before he got sick, in an effort to perserve his memory and share the love she has for him with the world.

Leoni also lives with her mother, so Kuschel will have two mothers looking after him as he comes to his last days, whenever that may be.

And because Leoni is currently a student writing her thesis, she can afford to spend a lot of time working at home to be close to him.

For now, Leoni is listening to the advice of Kuschel’s vet and making sure he is not suffering.

And when the time comes, she will let him go.

Because as hard as it will be for her to lose Kuschel, she will do what’s best for him, as all good cat owners do.

White and ginger senior cat sleeping while holding onto owners arm
Kuschel will always be loved, even after he is gone. Pic credit: @oldkuschel/Instagram.

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