These “Golden Girls” momma cat and four kittens were very rare

Lori White, a foster kitten mom for ARPO, had a big surprise coming: a beautiful ginger momma cat and her litter of four ginger kittens were on their way to her foster home.

Discovery in the basement

These cats were found in the basement of a vacant home by someone who had come to clean it. They were sitting in a laundry basket, with no food or water available.

The momma cat had taken good care of her babies, and they were looking just fine, but she herself was very skinny. There was no way to tell how long they’d been there, but one thing was sure: they needed help right away.

Lori took them into her foster home and started caring for them, giving the momma cat lots of good food and love. She and her kittens were doing very well. Lori said:

“Everyone seems super friendly and very active!”

Rare Golden Girls

Once the cats came to the foster home, Lori noticed something very interesting about them. Not only was the momma cat a female ginger cat, but all four of her kittens were also female. This was a very special occurrence, since most ginger cats are male. It was like Lori had struck gold with all these rare and special pretty golden kitties.

With some help from her followers on Instagram, Lori came up with the cutest names for these special girls. She named the momma Goldie, perfect for her ginger fur and her beautiful amber eyes. Then she named the four kittens after characters in the TV show, The Golden Girls. The little golden kittens were Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche.

Golden personalities

Time flew by, and the kittens grew up. Although they all looked so similar, Lori could tell them apart by small details in their appearance and behaviors. They certainly did develop some unique personalities! Dorothy loved to be the first one to greet Lori when she came to the foster room. Sophia was the brave one, exploring new areas in the house sooner than everyone else.

Their momma, Goldie, was loaded with personality. She was a great mom, and she loved to play with her kittens and give them baths. She was also very vocal, with the most beautiful “singing voice,” as Lori called it.

Goldie was still just a kitten herself when she first came in, about 10 months old. Lori was excited for when she could finish raising her kittens and be ready for a new life in a forever home.

The Golden Girls go home

The day came at last that these special golden girls could be adopted. Dorothy grew the fastest out of all the kittens and was the first to go off to her new forever home.

Then momma Goldie was adopted, and she went off to live with a retired veterinarian and her husband. Lori said:

“She couldn’t resist giving her girls one last forced bath before she left!”

Then Sophia and Rose were adopted together. Sophia had been good friends with a resident dog at her foster home, so it was great that her new home would have a dog too!

Two female ginger cats cuddling
Sophia and Rose enjoy their new home together with lots of sister cuddles! Pic credit: @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

Blanche got to enjoy having their space all to herself while she waited to be adopted. Soon enough, she was off to her forever home, where she would have a big kitty sister to play with.

It was like a miracle that these very special ginger kitty girls were found and brought to foster care. They’re all in loving homes now, and Lori is so happy for them. She said:

“I loved fostering these Golden Girls!”

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