This cat has a peculiar love for milk carton freshness seals

Desires are sometimes hard to explain. Ollie, an adopted cat, has discovered a love for fresh milk carton seals and has become an avid collector, even hiding them in unlikely places.

Callie Samuels shares her Los Angeles home with Zero and Ollie, two tiger alley cats with strong characters. In an interview with The Dodo, Samuels said she adopted the two brothers together when they were just kittens and they’ve been giving her a hard time ever since.

“Zero is definitely the troublemaker. He’s always playing, getting into trouble and he’s very loud,” said Callie.

Ollie, on the other hand, can be quiet. He watches his sidekick’s mischievous play with an innocent air. However, this puss also has a unique trait that makes him a one-of-a-kind tomcat. “I have the impression that these two take turns to make sure that my day is as chaotic as possible,” joked the cat owner.

Ollie and his unusual hobby

If Zero gets a kick out of ravaging their home, Ollie has a different pastime. To the point of an obsession — the young cat gets frenetic at the sight of fresh milk carton seals.

Whenever Callie takes the milk out of her fridge, Ollie shows up running and meowing.

Callie recalls the day it all started. One morning, she opened a bottle of milk while Ollie was looking at her with a bored expression.

Thinking it would distract the feline for a bit, Callie casually tossed him the fresh seal.

Of course, she would have previously made sure that there was not a drop of cow’s milk left on the bottle top. As cat owners know, milk is not recommended for felines past the early stage.

Ollie’s reaction was more than Callie had ever expected. “It was love at first sight! Ollie carried it in his mouth, shattered it on the floor, and hasn’t stopped playing with it since,” Callie stated.

Freshness seals scavenger hunt

Since then, the cheeky cat has been cherishing his prized seals. Ollie is now the proud owner of an extensive seals collection that he hides in various places around the house.

Under the couch cushions, on the bed, in pairs of shoes… These days, Callie finds Ollie’s trophies everywhere.  “It’s like he keeps them in case he wants to play with one at some point,” confirmed Callie.

One family member who is even more puzzled about Ollie’s bizarre hobby is his brother Zero. This roommate wonders what the fuss is about.

Despite his obvious disinterest in his companion’s antics, Zero remains a supportive brother.

“Usually when Ollie plays with his favorite toy, Zero just sits and watches,” said his owner. Ollie then starts growling to protect his bounty.

Luckily for Ollie, milk has a limited shelf life so his owner will always have to buy new boxes.  That’s excellent news for Ollie! An unlimited supply of freshness seals to toy with.

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