New video game lets you become a cat

Stray, an upcoming cat-themed video game, is setting the gaming world abuzz. With a unique premise, the game follows the adventures of a stray cat through the maze of a decaying city, and is a treat for cat lovers and gamers alike.

Cyberpunk alley cat

“Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city,” reads the description of Stray on the PlayStation website.

Stray is an exploration game featuring a ginger stray cat. Taking on the role of a brave quadruped, the player goes on an incredible journey full of obstacles, immersed in a world full of disturbing characters and rare friendly encounters.

Lost under the pale neon lights of a ruined city, the courageous puss has to make his way through the dingiest parts of the city. His goal is to escape and hopefully find his family.

On his way, the hero won’t meet any living soul, since the city is populated by mostly harmless automatons. To reach his objective, the cat can count on the help of B12, his faithful drone.

It’s a journey that will not be of any rest for our feline. The majority of the levels require above all observation and reflection, in order to resolve the clever puzzles.

An exciting foretaste

To get an idea of what they are signing up for, viewers can take a peak at an excerpt from the game. Get ready for an escapade through the eyes of a cat.

From the first images unveiled at the Summer 2020 PlayStation Showcase, Stray has not failed to elicit enthusiastic reactions, largely due to its feline protagonist.  The previews also garnered major praise for the realism of cats’ mimics and movements.

For the moment, gamers will have to wait to get their hands on this curious quest game. According to Engadget, Stray drops on July 19, 2022, when buyers will be able to make up their minds as to whether it’s the cat’s whiskers. 

The hard life of stray cats

Stray is a project from developer BlueTwelve Studio. The role-playing adventure is published under Annapurna Interactive.  

Beyond this fun and fascinating title, Stray is also a nod to the hard life of stray cats around the world. Creatures that have to constantly fight to survive and escape all kinds of threats.

Something that BlueTwelve, this “small team based in the south of France and mainly composed of cats and a handful of human beings,” is most likely not insensitive to.

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