This cat was whisker-shamed, but she’s so cute

This foster kitten mom is happy with her job, and she loves all the kittens she fosters. But sometimes the friends and family of cat lovers like her don’t quite understand their love for cats.


The mom of this kitten fosterer ended up “whisker-shaming” one of the foster kittens. When the foster mom, Em, sent a picture of two of her adorable foster kittens to her mom, her mom responded by saying that one of the kitten’s whiskers didn’t look cute.

Picture of text messages
The whisker-shaming text. Pic credit: u/pussywillow7658/Reddit

This was obviously not true. The kitten’s whiskers might be long and a little wild, but that just adds more adorable charm to her already cute face.

Adorable Rory

Em shared the story on Reddit, saying:

“My mom whisker shamed my foster kitten Rory. Next steps?”

People who commented on the post agreed that Rory was absolutely adorable and didn’t deserve to be whisker-shamed. One commenter said:

“Come ON!!! I would die for that kitten, [she’s] so cute.”


Em completely agreed:

“Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with her. She’s a teeny little angel baby.”

What to do about mom

Other people who commented suggested that Em disown her mom for whisker-shaming Rory or give her some cat poop for Christmas as revenge.

Although these comments were mostly joking, Em’s mom didn’t deserve such a harsh response. According to Em, her mom is super supportive of her cat fostering, even though she might not understand it sometimes. Em said:

“My mom is actually very supportive of my cat obsession! When I leave my big cat Della with my mom when I’m away, she gets treated like a dang queen. She’s just not a cat or pet person for herself.”

We can definitely appreciate someone who takes good care of a cat, even if they’re not usually a cat person. Em’s mom might not completely understand her love of cats, but at least she can respect her daughter and the foster cats.

She just made a mistake this one time, saying that Rory’s whiskers weren’t cute. They’re clearly one of this kitten’s best features! Rory is adorable right now, and she’s sure to grow up into the most beautiful black and white cat.

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